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A Cause to Believe In

Dog Might Games is proudly sponsoring the Youth Arts Alliance Arts & Dragons charity stream on December 12th! Representatives from YAA, DMG, and the Roll4Revelry team will collaborate in an epic storytelling adventure.

All donations will go towards funding YAA’s healing centered creative arts programming throughout Michigan. Donors will be able to change the course of the game, give boosts to players, and enter a raffle for the Player Pads and Valhalla Screen used during the game!
Join us from 9am to 9pm on December 12th as our adventurers discover what lies in wait for them, learn more about YAA, and have fun.
Change A World, Change THE World.
Mission: Youth Arts Alliance provides healing centered arts workshops to young people across Michigan. We consistently redefine what it means to invest in communities, by listening to and taking direction from the young people we serve. YAA’s cohort of teaching artists responds to the visions and creative aspirations of young people, meeting them where they are.
Vision: Youth Arts Alliance firmly believes that access to high-quality arts experiences and education is a human right. We’re committed to sharing healing-centered arts practices with youth artists, their families, and surrounding communities with local teaching artists’ dedicated support and expertise. YAA programming invites connection, dialogue, and empathy, bringing us towards healthier, more just, collaborative communities.
YAA is a Southeast, MI based nonprofit that provides healing centered arts workshops to youth and their families across the region. YAA prioritizes serving young people who are currently incarcerated in juvenile detention or treatment facilities, as well as those who are court-involved or on probation. We have employed dozens of talented, professional teaching artists over our 9 years in existence, who have taught workshops in nearly every medium imaginable, including mural painting, mosaics, pinhole photography, comics, theatre, creative writing, music, and more. YAA firmly believes that access to high-quality arts experiences and education is a human right. Our evaluation framework shows that youth who participate in weekly workshops improve in social and emotional learning scales, as well as resilience and self efficacy.
Donating to YAA will ensure that we can continue to develop and implement exciting, healing centered workshops to people who need them the most; it will ensure that we can continue to supply youth artists with the highest quality materials, and that we can continue to work with deeply committed, professional teaching artists, so we can provide the best learning environments possible.
Roll 4 Revelry
About the Stream
We are a group of friends that began with game nights. We found TTRPGs and had such a great time we decided to share it with the world. We are streaming our second campaign with a dash of indie games here and there. We play as if no one was watching, letting our true selves show. Join us in our heroic saga of intrigue, magic, and mysteries! Episodes Sunday at 2pm EST.
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