Left to Right: Theme Box with Skull design, Abyssal Black Finish, and black felt. Theme Box with Oni Mask design, Sunburst Finish, and red felt.
Center: Theme Box with Cogs design and KickStarter Green Finish.
Theme Box with Cthulhu design and Moss Finish.
Theme Box with Mimic design and Natural Finish.

Theme Boxes

Awesome Fully Sculpted Loot Boxes!

Theme Boxes are crafted with Flame Birch and come in your choice of Fiery Finish and Felt color. Srganic shapes and designs make these a unique box to carry your gaming loot.
They close with 4 super strong rare earth magnets and are double coated with custom varnish for a lifetime of protection.

Dice Capacity

- Chest design holds 20+ polys
- Cogs design holds 20+ polys
- Cthulhu design holds 20+ polys
- D20 design holds 18+ polys
- Meeple design holds 15+ polys
- Mimic design holds 20+ polys
- Oni Mask design holds 20+ polys
- Ouroboros design holds 22+ polys
- Rose design holds 20+ polys
- Skull design holds 15+ polys
- Wolf design holds 15+ polys
This item does not include Dice.
"Just received my pumpkin dice box, and I absolutely love it. The craftsmanship and detail are incredible. This is my second order from Dog Might, and definitely not my last. Thank you so much!"
- Brooke, 5 Stars (read more)
LEAD TIME DELAY: The typical lead time for this item is approximately 8-10 weeks. Due to COVID-19 quarintine production and shipping times will be furthur delayed until the state quarantine is lifted. Please be patient as we all work through this together.

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