Customer Testimonials

Straight from the folks who have our Gaming Gear

General Feedback
"So, first and foremost, I hope you know you're good at your job. Because you're really fucking good at your job. Holy shit, this is beautiful... You said you hoped you captured what I wrote for Death, and I have to say you absolutely nailed it. My jaw honestly dropped at the sight of this. It's just gorgeous."
- Bjorn
"You've been great. Customer service like yours is pretty rare. I hope I wasn't a huge pain, that's never my intention. You exceeded my expectations. I really appreciate it. I'm traveling at the moment, but I'll try to remember to write a nice review that you're welcome to use. Thank you again."
- Kyle
"Dog Might makes gloriously decadent functional art"
- Ians
"You guys always come up with the coolest products. Can't wait to pick one up - "
- Amaleva
"I wanted to let you know that I told one of the groups I'm a part of about how great you guys are. And how amazing the customer service was. They started looking at the website immediately. Thank you again I can't wait to order again in the future. "
"I have ordered a number of things from here both custom and in stock. Shipping times can be a bit long and sometimes lead time on custom orders is a bit lengthy. The quality however is golden and unmatched for these types of items and the people are incredible! I enjoy that they have a discord server where you can go to ask questions and provide critiques and suggestions for what they should do next. The artists are great and incredibly skilled with stains and the pieces last a long time. I am overall very pleased with everything I have purchased."
- Mochi
I just wanted to take a moment to say that my first interactions with those who are helping make my screen dreams come true have been amazing! Anne K. and Jake N. were/are amazing! Very friend, very helpful, and I wanted to take a moment to recognize them. I get little emails about following my scene through the SCRY process along with some words about the member working on the piece for the time. I am sad I can’t thank them all in person. As a high school art teacher myself, I know the positive power words can have to inspire and to show appreciation. My screen isn’t done yet and I look very much forward to the moment it’s in hand. My plan is to use it as the center piece for my schools DnD club I run. I know it will be a wonderful way to kick off our club this year. Thank you to you an your team for the wonderful experience I’ve had so far.
- Michael Dodge
On the inside, there are dry erase boards, magnets to hold papers, shelves, initiate trackers. There are optional accessories like a dice tower, mini shelf, a dice rack, and plenty more. It really is the Bentley of DM screens."
Dave LeClair
"Thanks Anne! You flippin rock!"
- James T.
"Thank you as always Anne, you're one of the best customer service experiences I've had."
- Benjamin D. L
"This is wonderful and perfect. I am a gamer living in South Korea and I was able to receive clean and quality products even though it was a long distance away. It's the best gift for anyone who loves playing games with paper and pens at any time."
- Oh S
"Got a Scry email this morning that said my screen has gone to staining and I made such a high pitched happy noise my coworker came over and asked me if I was okay"
- whimsies
"Thank you SO much for your patience and understanding throughout this long and involved process. Your cheerfulness and professionalism were both tremendously helpful and are a great reflection on you and your company."
- Geoff S
"Agreed on Scry being a super pleasant surprise. I figured the next thing I'd get would be a shipping update, and then here DMG sending emails letting me know exactly what part of the process it's on and who's working on it."
- whimsies
"My FATES sheath arrived today and it's gorgeous. Thank you for doing this!"
- Ashley L
"The Scry system is awesome. I ordered Dragonglass cases for my entire D\&D group for Christmas. The scry system has kept us all in the loop. They're all super excited."
- lolchrisdont
"Also props to Scry from me. Knowing my order is slogging its way through Xmas queue is far better than waiting weeks to get any update. Kind of appeases the greedy inner-dragon, if you know what I mean.."
- Neal
"The Scry system is extremely detailed and easily understood part of ordering from Dog Might. Takes you every step of the way and gives you info about that step, plus a bio of the person who did the step! An extremely nice addition to the ordering process i wasn't expecting on my first order.""
- Kiltman42
"I want to say I got the sentinel chest today and I have to admit, It was worth the wait. I love how it looks and feels, as well the amazing detail. I want to say thanks to everyone in Dog might for the amazing eye for detail going to the build. I hope down the road I can get another chance to buy another product or more products with Dog might."
- anon
"We placed an order some months ago as a group gift to our Dungeon Master. From start to finish, Anne Kucharski was a freakin' Customer Support rockstar. She started by helping adjust our order to your new style dice tower, then helped us get a panel we weren't happy with the stain match on fixed up, plus answered million questions, gave regular status updates on various parts of our order, and otherwise ensured incredible customer support. I was happy to see that you guys are *so* serious about your kick ass guarantee, and that it applies not only to your products but also to your staff. Her outstanding customer support made me (/us) a lifelong, outspoken fan of yours. I'm very impressed and super grateful."
- Ashe
"These folks stand by their guarantee! In one word, "phenominal"! I ordered a custom rolling tray in August and when it arrived, I was a little disappointed with the color compared to others that I saw on the website. I contacted customer service and received a reply in 8 minutes. EIGHT MINUTES! Anne went above and beyond to ensure that the issue was resolved quickly and easily. I felt like a person and not a number. By far the best customer service representative I have ever worked with! I am a Dog Might customer for life now. Anne, Never change!"
- Travis A
"I received my Valhalla screen today and all I can say is....its incredible! The accessory pack is fantastic, I especially love the shelf units and the built in dice tower. My expectations for this screen were high, and the Dog Might Games Team really delivered. Thank you for keeping me up to date with your SCRY system, it was nice to get updates at every stage of the process! Thank you so much Dog Might Games, you guys and gals kick ass!"
- Sean G
"The macassar ebony dice arrived today - quite lovely indeed! Worth waiting for."
- S V Gray
"I just wanted to let you know how ecstatic we are with our 2 Dragon Sheaths and my Bolivian Rosewood Rolling tray. You have outdone yourselves! Thank you so much for all of your hard work and incredible craftsmanship - we are super stoked for our next D&D session! :D "
- Laurel M
"We wanted to thank you all for a fantastic weekend! We had a blast playing and hanging out with you all. Zoe already heard us mention this, but we wanted to let you know that this was one of the best memories we have had. Equal to our gaming with Wes Schneider. Thank you Konas for the work you did on the campaign, it was a lot of fun, and we continued to talk about it and who we thought the Tall lady was on our flight home. Hpefully you guys can make it out to Paizocon one year, it would be a lot of fun! And some day we do plan to make a trip back your way."
- Diana & Brandon
"This wooden screen is so awesome, I feel almost unworthy to use it. But I will manage. Dog Might Games, you really did a fantastic job with this! I love it and already ran my first session behind it on Monday.."
- Mike Z
"I bought this amazing, one-of-a-kind, Pinkheart Sentinel for my wife as a surprise gift. The craftsmanship is amazing, and she was absolutely in love with it as soon as she laid eyes on it."
- A Pawn's Perspective
"Dog Might products are high quality and crafted with care: They've always treated my requests with respect, and have demonstrated a passion for all they do. Hats off to the 'lumberjacks' at Dog Might Games! "
-Brian L
"I cannot tell you how awesome these guys are! In person, they make you feel like you have been long time friends. And dealing with them online is just as great! They are fast on response times, they produce the highest quality products, and I have yet to be dissatisfied. My advice to the patient. They are making you a hand crafted item that is well worth the money and the wait. "
-Christine L
"Great work! Great Customer Service! nuff said. "
- Arthur B
"Just received a Kickstarter Bone Box and Sleeves set. I was floored by the attention to detail and how they can bring out the beauty in each piece of wood! Best thing I’ve ever bought! "
- Brenda D
"I am editing my review after receiving my product. Very high quality, exceeded expectations. Great job! "
- Peter M
"Great shop, fast shipping, quality products and rescue dogs. What else do you need "
- Jacob P
"At this point I've gotten a dragon sheath, a set of wooden dice, gm screen, dragon tray and deck box from Dog Might. All of it is incredible. Very prompt, friendly, and helpful customer service as well. Wonderful! "
- Lucas M
"I love Dog Might! Their products are beautiful, and customer service is amazing. I have ordered two types of products from them (dice tower, dragon sheath) and both are absolutely beautiful. I can’t wait to get my component collector after seeing their work in person. "
- Joleen S
"Fantastic customer service. Ordered a heart box for valentines day, and it had quality issues and couldn't get here until after V-day. Zoe in customer service took care of me and communicated everything very well. You can tell a lot about a company in how they handle when they screw up. I was so impressed in the box and the customer service that I'm now in on a Kickstarter DM box. "
- Evan S
"Very nice quality products. It took a few weeks after purchase to arrive but it was completely worth it because while I was waiting they were putting in work to craft me a very special dice box. "
- Harry G
"Just got my Gamemaster System prototype with Cthulhu heads on it for my birthday, and I absolutely love it! Well-crafted, beautiful colors, strong magnets, and an awesome base tray! Can’t wait to put it to use! "
- Justin S
"LOVE these adventure boxes (I got three of them. Two as gifts). They were a hit with not only myself and the two I gave them to. But I now have another 6 interested people who are looking about buying one for themselves! Protip for others: Don't forget about the lighting! I play in a relatively dark space, causing some of the die to be hard to read. That "dynamic lighting" option would have been great! Thanks for the hardwork Dogmight! Kickass! "
- Michael A
"My DM and I have ordered from Dogmite a combined number of 5 times! The costumer service is amazing!!! It took longer for my and another player’s b-day present to arrive so dogmite upgraded the the one box and added dice. One time the glaze was off on a box and dogmite shipped another correct one. All of this was done free of charge. All parties love their boxes and adventure cases. Thank you! "
- Anna E
"I love Dog Might. Bought several products from them and I have all ways been amazed by there quality. I even contacted them about doing a custom interior on a dice box so It could hold playing cards and marbles for a home brew game, as usual Dog Might came through with a box that exceed my expectations "
- Eric B
"Grabbed a gift card and treated myself to 3 items from their in stock stuff. Amazing work and beautifully stained. If they ever come out with a way to carry 3 D&D books and make it a modular GM screen at the same time I'll be broke. "
- Leonardo N
"The customer service is hands down the best I've ever worked with. I ordered an adventure case in the middle of Con season, and within 2 weeks of the estimated 3 to 5 weeks I got a shipping notification. Though the latch on the inside compartments wasn't tight, they got me a new one in a matter of weeks. The craftsmanship is amazing. "
- Stuart B
"Just received my pumpkin dice box, and I absolutely love it. The craftsmanship and detail are incredible. This is my second order from Dog Might, and definitely not my last. Thank you so much! "
- Brooke B
"Amazing customer service. Extremely helpful and cordial! After help with my first order I felt compelled to immediately place another! No regrets! Love the Dog Might! "
- Dennis P
"We didn't like one part of the tower and Dog might didn't either they offer to fix it. We sent ours back and they kept us updated with honest info and time. They ended up remaking the towers and we are so happy with the improvements. Thanks for taking care of us! "
- Dustin W
"My friends and I had some confusion about the Component Collector kickstarter. We'd accidentally placed two orders (one kickstarter pledge and one late pledge) but only needed one! While a standard refund couldn't be provided, customer service over facebook messenger helped us combine our pledges and efficiently upgrade our CoCos. They were very friendly and responsive, and I can't wait to have this exciting product at my game table! "
- Blake M
"Just got my dice today and I LOVE them! Can’t wait to use them! "
- Ashley C
"my tray arrived today and i live all the way up in canada! great job dog might! fastest kickstarter i ever backed!"
- Brianne
"My Adventure Case arrived today. It's magnificent. It's beautiful. It's Huge. It's everything I had hoped it would be. Thank you for existing, and thank you for being so damn good at what you do. You guys rock."
- Mark
"Thanks I received it! It's amazing thanks!"
- Brendon
"Just arrived. They look amazing. Can easily imagine my kids handing these down to their kids -- many thanks!"
- Jeremy
"Got my Dragon Tray--turned out as gorgeous as expected. No surprise. Thank you so much for a quality product."
- Bruce
"I have received my dragon tray what a thing of beauty !...though my eyeballs are still bleeding which I find rather worrying !"
- Hula
"The replacement dragon sheath arrived today, and I’m as ecstatic as I hoped to be. It is a truly magnificent piece of wood. The finish really brings out the ripples in the grain. And the two pieces mate flush like new lovers. I adore it. Thank you for making me a satisfied customer. Dogmight rules."
- Mark
"I received my tray today I am absolutely astounded with this tray. Beautiful wood, astonishing design, fantastically crafted, and more than I ever expected. I am thouroughly pleased with it and I am looking forward to adding more of your products to my gaming arsenal."
- Dillon
"The Power Sword dice chest arrived today, and all I can is, "WOW!" I can't thank you enough. It looks fantastic, and surpassed my already high expectation."
- Sean
"Thanks Mike! I'm really excited about this. You guys have been great with communication and I appreciate it."
- Caitlin
"Just a quick message to say thank you, my war hammer dice box is awesome !! I am the coolest dwarf in my campaigns."
- Jason
"I got my "Dragon Tray." As a Superbacker, I've been disappointed by a lot of Kickstarter projects, with about 30-40% actually being worth backing. You guys are one of like, 5, projects where I sent a message to the creator to say thanks. Your product was even more beautiful than you advertised. Thank you for your craft and professionalism."
- Georgee
"I just wanted to say how much I appreciated the sincere and heartfelt seasons greetings email today. I’m happy for your businesses success and pleased to be a customer. That you for creating thoughtful, well crafted and beautiful functional artwork and supporting the gaming community!"
- Alicia
""Just got my Gamemaster System prototype with Cthulhu heads on it for my birthday, and I absolutely love it! Well-crafted, beautiful colors, strong magnets, and an awesome base tray! Can’t wait to put it to use!"
- Justin
"This company excels in multiple areas. 1. Their products are very high quality and look better in person than they do on their website. 2. They are very responsive to their customers whether it be via email or social media. 3. They ship their products in a way that I find it hard for them to ever arrive damaged. This kind of care across the board is hard to come by in companies these days."
- Adam K
"I ordered an adventure case in fiery green. It's fantastic. Getting back into gaming and will be using it as a screen to run games. It's probably the nicest thing I've ever seen as a gaming accessory. The craftsmanship is fantastic, all the corners are tight and the construction is beautiful. We'll be looking at getting one for my son as well. Can't say enough about the adventurers case. I am looking forward to getting my component collector from Kickstarter"
- Jeff B
"Just received my pumpkin dice box, and I absolutely love it. The craftsmanship and detail are incredible. This is my second order from Dog Might, and definitely not my last. Thank you so much!"
- Brooke
"Sorry this is relative to the current purchase, but I'd like to take a moment to thank you for your quality work. I've recently received an adventure chest from you, and just today I opened the dragon sheathe I had order. Your craftsmanship blows me away and I could not be more satisfied with everything you've done. Keep up the great work!"
- Matt
"I just opened the case I bought for my fiancée for christmas. Boy have you guys out done yourselves! You killed it beyond all expectations. I will definitely recommend you guys and leave a great review."
- Bryce
"My Adventure Case arrived today, and it looks fantastic! The finish is exactly as I'd hoped, the custom metal symbol on the cover is a real eye-catcher, and everything opens up/locks down so smoothly. Thanks so much for your work on this piece =)
- Randy
"I would say a 10 out of 10 in product and service."
- Craig
"Thanks MIke! Got it on Saturday and it looks awesome!!! Here's to many nat 20's!"
- Jeff
"It is enlightening to be directly contacted to make sure I have what I need and it shows that you guys care about your customers and the products. Thanks so much!"
- Mauri
"Just got my dice chest and I want to say 10/10 would buy again. Thank you for this amazing product!!!"
- Draper
"I got my case today. Seriously, no words... Fabulous, amazing, awesome, wonderful, art, skills, holy S#$%, nothing says it adequately. I am beyond impressed and pleased. It's gorgeous! The guys that saw me open it are crazy jealous. I may have brought you some converts with this thing. I truly appreciate the hard work and attention to detail. I just really can't say enough about how much I love it. Thank you all so, so much!"
- Patrick Walker - Fan for life!
"We got our cases today and we just wanted to send you a note to tell you how awesome they are. Excellent work!!"
- Neil
"The Dragon Tray has landed and oh my goodness it is outstanding! Thank you so much for all the hard work and master craftsmanship."
- Joe
"Got mine yesterday! B-eautiful! Can't wait to show these off!! Thank you, Dogmight! :-D "
- Tara
"Thank you for the response on the order, i was able to track it down and it arrived to the post office this morning. I greatly appreciate the supply and the item itself looks fantastic. I'm sure I'll enjoy this one for many d and d sessions to come and I'd like to thank you and your production department for the care and attention in crafting such an amazing piece :)"
- Shawn
"Wow! That's it! This is exactly what I imagined. Thanks so much for designing the symbol for me. I can't wait to see the finished product. Thanks again."
- Zach
"Mine just arrived and it's beautiful!"
- Morninglight67
"Our dice tray arrived today! It really turned out well. Thanks to the team for pushing to get the product shipped out"
- fishcube
"It was a hassle with the delivery guy, but I finally picked up my tray. Very happy with it. Awesome work guys!"
- Adam
"I just received the order, and I'm fully satisfied. I want to thank you again for all !"
- JC
"I have a big problem with my Dice Guard and I was hoping you could help. Every time I pick it up I just don't want to put it down, I literally slept with my hand on it all last night because its so freaking awesome."
- Drew
"The box arrived yesterday and was absolutely beautiful. Thank you! He'll love it!"
- May
"Thank you so much for all your help! I really appreciate how easy it's been to communicate and get information!"
- Jacqueline
"Oh, thank you so much! That's so sweet! You guys do amazing work. Other members of my family have ordered from you guys too and we've all been very happy. Thank you so so much!!! Happy Holidays!"
- Bernadette
"It is quite lovely. Thank you so much! My husband will love it."
- Leanne
"Thank you so much. I look forward to getting the dice tower. I know my husband will love it."
- Crystal
"I got it and it look amazing! Thank you soo much! I can't wait to use it and I'm super stoked about ordering from you guys again! Keep up the amazingness!"
- Esther
"Holy sweet mother of crap... I just received the Rune Case that I ordered. This is AMAZING work. You guys did an outstanding job with it - everything I'd hoped for. Can't wait to take it to our next session and show it off... I'll see if I can get some more orders for you!"
- Matt
"Thank you so much Mike! You've turned my day around. You have Great customer service as well."
- Rachel
"Yes!!! Thank you so much! My daughter will love it. Again, thank you! !"
- Russell
"Hey Mike! Just wanted to let you know that I got the package today! Its gorgeous - so gorgeous, in fact, that I've ordered another case today!"
- Dan
"I just got it today, it is so beautiful!!! My son is going to love it, thank you so much! I'm sure all his friends will want one too, I'll refer them tou your store. Thank you again!"
- Molly
"Thank you for getting back to me and I appreciate the assistance. I just received it today and I must say "wow". Fantastic work! I'll definitely be ordering more in the future. Thank you."
- Ryan
"Just letting you know that I finally made it home to pick up my case. It made it intact, and it looks gorgeous. Thank you very much."
- Shaughan
"Hi Mike! Good news! The package arrived today! Everything is gorgeous... Thank you so much!I know some of my requests were very difficult, which makes the final result even more impressive."
- Teofilo
"Received the dice box gift from you today. Thank you for the wonderful gift. I am a huge fan of your work."
- Douglas
"Got it today! Looks great. Fine craftsmanship! Can't wait to game with it. Tweeting about it next. :)"
- Katherine
"I will definitely order from you again! Your customer service is spot on!"
- Donna
"I got both of the boxes. The dice chest on Friday's and the deck box today. I'm sure my sister will love it for her birthday. Thank you very much, I'll definitly be doing business with you in the future."
- Phil
"I love it. It's just what I was looking for. Perfect. I think some members of my party may be placing some orders with you guys soon. Just thought you'd like some feedback. Keep up the great work."
- Brendon
"That is absolutely stunning! I'm in such awe right now. It looks perfect and I'm so glad I found your company."
- Nicole
"Thank you so much. I will be recommending you guys to anyone who is interested. Your work looks amazing. Thank you again. You didn't have to do that so I really do appreciate it."
- Kelly
"I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER WITH MY ORDER. This dice chest is absolutely beautiful. The craftsmanship is amazing, I love the feel of the wood and the felt and the look of the dice as well! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!"
- Donovan
"Absolutely gorgeous. He loves it. Thank you for making sure it arrived on time!"
- Alicia
"Just got mine yesterday. And I will always keep them in as good of condition as they came. They are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!"
- Owen
"Just got mine. Looks amazing. Great work. Looking forward to making my D&D buddies jealous."
- Sean
"My gift arrived and is even more amazing than I expected! Phenomenal craftsmanship and beautiful work. Definitely will recommend!!"
- Ben
"Just received it. Awesome! Love it. Very beautiful, great feeling and finish. Great great job! Minor issue, the interior is D instead of B. But never mind. I'll just remove the foam and have to better sort my dices ^^ Thanks a lot!"
- Oliver
"I just received the tower and it's awesome! Thank you again for your help throughout the process. Are there any special instructions you could give me regarding its care and cleaning? Thanks again! Super impressed"
- Ben
"This is just awesome. Thanks a million man. You're guys did great! I'm going to be telling everyone about you guys"
- Sean
"Thank you for the confirmation Mike. I got my dice chest on Friday and it's so awesome!!! Thank you and the Dog Might Team for making them. I can't wait to show it off to my gaming friends, I know they will be jealous. I just wanted to tell you and everyone who put it together, thanks"
- Cassie
"I just got home from work to see my case waiting for me! This thing is SO awesome! Way better than I imagined. Thank you so much! You guys are great! Thanks!"
- Nick
"Got mine and very happy - thanks!"
- Eric
"It looks fantastic. Thanks again for all your help/work!"
- Adam
"You are the best! Thanks you so much, your work is epic. Thanks"
- Gretchen
"Hi Mike, it arrived!! I received it yesterday but couldn't open til today in secret because I still have to wait til September 17th for my husband to open it :) It's so beautiful! Really, and I don't even play d+d but I love this box. I'm going to post a review on Facebook after the 17th just so George doesn't see it beforehand ;) But I really appreciate the super quick creation and shipping and accommodation to make sure it got here on time! Yay!! I'll let you know how it goes, Thanks again."
- Leanna
"Just wanted to let you know our DM is ecstatic about your case, he even made a reddit post about it! You guys rock and your adventure cases are awesome. Thanks so much again, you have made a very happy customer who will be ordering more from you in the near future."
- John
"It arrived this morning, it looks awesome! Everyone in my game is freaking out about great it is. Thanks for all your help and the quality workmanship, I really appreciate it!"
- John
"It arrived and looks fantastic! The quality and look is divine. Thank you so much!!"
- Lori
"...picked it up yesterday at our custom office. Awesome work, thanks! Now I'm a bit envious of my friend who gets it for his birthday. ;-) Best regards & good luck furthermore with your woodworks."
- Marius
"Got my sheath the other day. Love the dark walnut and the pattern on the inside of the case... the raven and runes look amazing and I'm thrilled to show it off this weekend."
- Michael
"Received and very satisfy. Exemplifies that hidden sunken treasure chest/coffin under water feel I was hoping for with the moss. - Thank you!!!"
- Jason
"I was on the list for shipping in July, and this morning in my mailbox I found my sheath. One word to describe the quality, amazing. Thank you dog might games."
- Fuzzy
"Thank you so much! My husband LOVES it. He was so excited when it got here! Thanks again! You guys are rad!"
- Lauren
"It looks great and I love the strength of the magnets. Nice loud click sound. Thank you for such a great product. Such a nice surprise to come home to after a tough day. I was okay with waiting longer, and for those who are still waiting, it is well worth the wait."
- Matthew
"I want to thank you again! I'm extremely happy that your company values great quality assurance. Thank you everything!"
- Eric
"Thank you so much for getting back to me! When I sent the email, I did not realize that our box was already in the mail as the wait time on your website still says 4-5 weeks. However my husband absolutely loves the box just as it is! He didn't think that he wanted all of the extra storage compartments, but pictures don't do your boxes justice. They're beautiful and functional and he's already filled his up with all of his D&D supplies. (The two compartments on the side are perfect for miniatures and the middle compartments fit all of his dice.) You guys are the best! Thank you."
- Staci & Damien
"I got them in the mail today and they're great! Thanks so much for prioritizing my order and including the dice bags! Is there somewhere I can go to give a positive review for Dog Might? I'd be more than happy to!"
- Ben
"Just got it in it is better than I could of imagined love it!!!"
- Zachery
"I can't stop looking at my dragon sheath, amazing job."
"Just got mine in today, it is amazing. Feels durable, holds my figures and dice (and they worked with me to meet a special request on interior dimensions). Got a sapphire police box with one side mirrored. Decided later to add on some quotes to the four sides. I figured if your gonna get something nice, go all out on it so you only need to get it once."
- Raymond
"Case arrived yesterday OMG SO AMAZING! Thanks so much! My husband's birthday isn't til the 20th (totally expected it to take longer to arrive!) and that wait is gonna kill me but I'm really excited for him to open it so we can show it off on social media! Fantastic work! Totally stunned by how awesome it is :D"
- Monica
"Wow, that is good customer support! thanks a bunch... will let you know how much he likes it; I`m sure he would love it."
- Maribel
"I just received my package! They are absolutely beautiful!!! I was a little worried because I've never ordered anything like this online before but I love them! The craftsmanship, the details, absolutely stunning."
- Dylan
"I just received the dice box. It is really incredible! My husband is going to freak out."
- Jen
"I wanted to let you know I got the case in the mail yesterday. It looks amazing and I'm looking forward to showing it off as I DM for my brother and his Air Force squadron for a Memorial Day pathfinder session. You guys not only make an awesome case but the service is where it's at. Thank you so much!!"
- Chris
"Thanks so much for the great work on the cases Mike. I gave them out as prizes at Mobicon for a COC game and the players loved them."
- William
"Mike, I got the Adventure Case yesterday, and I'm just absolutely floored with how beautiful it is!! It came out perfect, I can not thank you enough, he's going to love it, and it's such a fantastic gift for our special day. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!"
- Amanda
"Thank you so much for accommodating the lights! And the complimentary upgrade is incredibly generous of you!! Your e-mail just made my night. :-D Thank you again!!"
- Tia
"Just got mine today and I'm extremely happy with it, cant wait to order more soon!"
- Matthew
"Got mine yesterday. Beautiful work."
- Roy
"Thanks Mike, it got here this Saturday and she loved it. I appreciate the extra attention, you guys did great work on this and I'm glad it got here in time for her birthday."
- John
"Hi! I got my deck box, dice chest and card stand. All impressive. Now I'm even more excited about the dragon sheaths!"
- Teofilo
"Got mine on Friday! Once again I am blown away by your craftsmanship. The Bocote was unreal! Skeleton on wenge was a winning combo. And Bolivian Rosewood is always awesome. I can't wait to see what you guys come up with next!"
- Chris
"I was in the regular tier batch that went out, received it before the weekend, and I love it. Those magnets are super strong! The carving is great and the wood smell is intoxicating. Thanks guys, keep up the good work! :)"
- Emily
"Received my order, and other then needing a day or two to let the sealer finish off-gassing they are amazing! I was just loading up for my game tonight for the first time. I got my mini, two sets of dice, and a flaming phoenix to represent that I will likely need to have my character resurrected before the evening is through."
- Geoffrey
"Super happy with the product! I got mine today and it is beyond my greatest expectation. The magnets are strong and the room is big enough for my old, handcarved d6. Thank you for he great work of art."
- Jens
"Got the case today and it looks so awesome! Everyone's really impressed... Thanks again!"
- Steve
"Mine just arrived and is GORGEOUS. A few friends are already having non-backer's remorse. 8-) Thanks for the fine craftsmanship and fast work!"
- Brian
"I received my dragon sheath dice box. Looks amazing. Super strong magnets!"
- Jasong
"My Celtic Knot/Raven in Bubinga came today...I am near-speechless..what beautiful work. So glad I upgraded to Premium Tier...the color and grain are spectacular! Please let us know what conventions you'll be attending coming up so I can thank you guys in person...and maybe purchase even more stuff!"
- Michael
"Just received my Chechen with Wenge banding, Celtic Knot + Cogs sculpts. Another amazing product. Dog Might clearly rolled a Net 20 on their crafting check with this one."
- Justin
"Got mine today and it looks great! Getting it's first use at my game night on Friday. Thanks again!"
- Dennis
"Received them yesterday Mike! They are terrific! Thanks!"
- Bill
"I received my shipment. Both wolves look great, The magnets hold the case together really well. The Celtic knot bottom is very stable."
- Adam
"It was even more glorious than I thought it would be. Thank you so much! I may have to order more! Be very proud of your work gentleman!"
- Frank
"I just received our dice chest Imperial Ruby... and it is incredibly beautiful.... I had it made for my tween daughter so she would not feel left out of the gaming crowd but... geez... It's gorgeous -- better in person... I could not be happier. 8D Thank you so very, very much guys!"
- Lisa
"Sorry this is a bit late, but I just wanted to thank you so much for getting the dice chest done so quicky... We were so thrilled that he could get it in time for his birthday, and so happy with the service and cheer you've given us. Thank you again!"
- Stephanie
"Hey Mike!! That's GREAT News!!! Wasn't expecting them for a few more weeks at best, due to the high demand on your KickStarter orders. Hope you guys are doing great!"
- Damien
"My order was shipped on the 14th and has already reached Denmark. Nice, quick shipping :)"
- Erik
"I just got back earlier than expected from the deployme nt and I got to take a look at my box. I have to say it's awesome! Everything is spot on. The wood's finish looks and feels amazing! The sheen of the curly birch is as gorgeous as I had hoped. The symbol looks great and is very smooth. All of the edges line perfectly and it shows you put a lot of love into the case! I'm so excited to have it!"
- Johan
"...I purchased a dice tower from you a few months ago for a friend and it was GORGEOUS and he absolutely loved it."
- Kesar
"Received it this weekend, looks awesome!!!"
- M
"Got my Adventure Case today - THANK YOU! Yep, a Dragon Sheath would not fit, like you say. But it would be a shame to lock the Dragon Sheath away anyway. The Adventure Case and the Dragon Sheath should both be displayed in all their glory! :D BTW, I was really impressed with the Abyssal Cherry on my husband's dice chest -- it has more character than the photos - black, but warm, and the grain is still readily visible. I thought it would look thickly painted, but not at all. Very nice job. :D I am also happier than I thought I would be with the sapphire (blue is hard, but I needed blue),and the moss is gorgeous for the elf in the group. The metal symbols look better than I imagined, and the studs holding them in place make them even more substantial. I'll be back... you bet. :D"
- Lisa
"Beautiful!!! The kids loved their Adventure Cases...well worth the wait!!"
- Lois
"I received the case today and it is perfect. I cannot wait for my husband's birthday so he can see it. He is going to love it. Thank you so much!"
- Lorie
"Received from post office today! Its perfect. Thank you so much."
- Max
"Mike I got the sword a couple of days ago and it is awesome. ..and thanks for the box strap.. again your store provides top notch items and is well worth the price... wishing you guys nothing but great business and success."
- Scott
"Thank you so so much, I really appreciate it. I noticed the two day shipping, I can't express properly how grateful I am for the fantastic customer service I've received. I'll definitely sing the praises of your company to anyone who sees the snazzy box we show up to games with. :)"
- John
"Holy crap, I just got mine and it is absolutely beautiful and WAY better than expected! Thank you very much, you guys are amazing. :)"
- Goblin Town
"I received my box last week with the custom cut emblem on it. It is absolutely gorgeous!! I am so happy with it. My husband is now kicking himself for saying no to getting one himself from the KS. Can't wait to show it to my gamers this weekend."
- Carm
"Wonderful job. Thank you to everyone! "
- Betty
"Just saw the pic of the Inquisition case you posted on Facebook and Twitter. And I have to say, it looks amazing!!! Cant wait to get my hands on that one."
- Jesse
"Just wanted to drop a line and say "wow". Got my case just before the end of December and it is a thing of beauty."
- Duncan
"W00T! Just arrived. It is awesome. I lobe the magnet between the base and bridge. THANKS AGAIN!!!"
- David
"Hi There! I can't find an order number to reference, but I just wanted to let you know that I received it today and the pictures on your site don't do your work justice. It is an absolutely awesome piece. (Chromatic, demon's blood, nickel feet and aluminum spiral dragon. I had also requested it to be made a bit taller) My bro loved it, too! I can't wait to place another order with you guys! (maybe once the Canadian dollar gets a bit better ;)) Thank you so much for your awesome work!"
- Liz
"Thank you so so much, I really appreciate it. I noticed the two day shipping, I can't express properly how grateful I am for the fantastic customer service I've received. I'll definitely sing the praises of your company to anyone who sees the snazzy box we show up to games with. :) Thanks again."
- John
"Thanks Mike, I will take the one with the dragon. Ordered it already, thanks for the info and the great customer service as always. Gave everyone in my gaming group your dice boxes this Christmas and they all loved them."
- William
"The craftsmanship is so good on this! Wow!"
- Carm
"I just received mine and...just wow...I love how it came out! I posted pictures on facebook, but my camera just does not do it justice. Thanks again Dog Might!"
- Adam
"Looks amazing! Can't wait to give it to him next week. Thanks a lot for getting this done for me. Look forward to seeing you guys at Origins!"
- Brian
"I received the new case before Christmas and it was absolutely perfect. Best Christmas gift ever! Thank you so much for the quick responses and amazing customer service! You really went above and beyond. Many thanks."
- Drea
"Nine days later and it arrives as forwarded fan-freakin-tastic. as Milo would say "Milo wants Milo Getz.. Far Realm Freakish Fanatical box of Far out Fantastic .. wooh my F's stuck. what was I saying? oh hey Check out this bad ass box. I wonder.. oh well mine now, Mwahahahahaha""
- Darryl
"Awesome, thanks so much! I did receive it and it is beautiful. Have a great Christmas."
- Jacqui
"just received the Cases. They are amazing :) Thanks for the cool product and have a nice day. "
- Christoph
"I just got my custom chaos-themed adventure case! It's AWESOME!! I love the custom carved chaos symbols all over the sides and the giant wooden one on the top. It's perfect! My friends are coming over for games tonight, and I plan to make them all jealous. Ha!"
- Tom
"OMG!!!! Thank You Very Much! Just got home from The Force Awakens and there was a package on my step! My Adventure Case!!! More than a month before expected and before X-Mas!!! Can take pics because my wife took it and said I can't have it before X-Mas. But she let me open it! It is Awesome!!!! Thanks, you guys are awesome!!! Happy Holidays"
- David
"Just wanted to let you know that I've received my dice chest. This one is perfect and exactly what I wanted! Thank you for your great customer service too. I'll definitely be supporting Dogmight again and recommending you to my gaming friends :)
- Sheri
"Hey, I got my case the other day! It looks amazing, thanks so much! Now I just have to figure out what game(s) to use it with...
- Scott
"Thank you guys so much for the Adventure case. Arrived today in the UK. It is a thing of beauty. Custom two metal symbol is amazing.
- Andrew
"I receiver my new Adventure Case and I agree with you, it's excellent. Thank you very much for standing by your product and making me one very happy customer!
- Amanda
"Got it. They look excellent! Thanks
- Beau
"I am loving my RPG gaming box!! Arrived in the mail yesterday!
- Pamela
"Got it! It's beautiful.
- Doug
"Just got mine today, and it's perfect! Thank you guys so very much!
Mate! I got the box today and its far better than i could have thought! Thanks heaps! Ill be recomending you guys to local gaming community and mates!
- James
I received my box as well and it is utterly amazing. It looks fantastic and I can't wait to see it with some patina in the future. It can only get better with age. Thank you so much for your recommendations as well. Love the suede interior as well. Simply a masterpiece! I see your kickstarter went very well, you gentlemen are going to be quite busy! I'll be looking for other creative ways to utilize your team in the future.
- Shane
Wow. This is awesome!!! Simply awesome. Thank you thank you thank you
- Todd
Outstanding work! It arrived today it looks beautiful and well designed.
- Marco
Just got the deck and dice boxes. They're perfect! I am thrilled!
- T Boyd
Love it. It is very beautiful.
- Christine
"Awesome! Thanks so much for getting back. I am sure you guys are swamped! Everyone loves my case! If you guys would be interested in making a case geared specifically for X-Wing I think you'd sell a bunch of them! Let me know! :)
- Aaron
Just wanted to let you know that I received my wenge adventure case. It looks really good. The black streaks mixed in with the dark brown look really cool. Can't wait to receive my second one from the kickstarter.
- Scott
"Just got the dice tower in the mail and unpackaged it. You guys sure didn't want it being harmed in the delivery process Haha. It looks absolutely amazing. I really like the drawbridges that you added it adds of more depth to the whole piece... You all did a fantastic job on this project and I couldn't be happier!"
- Travis
"I received my chest today and it's beautiful, thank you! My partner even commented on how good the brass Elder Sign looked on the front. I now have my dice in it and will be using it for my next game of Arkham Horror! I am a very satisfied customer and am also pleased with the fairly quick turn-around."
- Kai S
"I just received my dice box and it is perfect. Your team did a marvelous job, I can't wait to show it off at our next session."
- David F
"The chest arrived just now, and it is absolutely awesome :-) Thanks again for your support and the skillfully crafted chest!"
- Chris L
"I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for the extra speedy delivery! The box is one of the most beautiful items I own now, and I will recommend them to all of my friends! Thanks again for being awesome!"
- Jeremy W
"Arrived. Looks great!"
- Simon
"I ordered a couple of boxes from you recently (a deck box and adventure box),and they arrived yesterday. I just had to let you know that they look fantastic! I don't know exactly what I was expecting, but the quality of these things is immense. They feel very solid, and that's a good thing. Thanks very much guys, I'm looking forward to getting to use them in action."
- David C
"Got mine in Toronto and it is absolutely gorgeous."
- Andrew D
"I got the package today... Amazing job i love it ;) I will put a good word about it!!!"
- Andrea C
"Wow, too great. Bigger than I thought. Thank you !!!!"
- Ikalios
"Big big big thanks for your amazing work! I've received the box yesterday. These are really nice! I'll send you a pic friday of the next week with my buds and their dices Chest. We are really happy. Thanks for all."
- Sebastien H
"Received mine about 20 minutes ago (Had to check it out and take a few pics). It's absolutely amazing. Not only that, but the first kickstarter I've backed that I've actually received on time. I do recommend getting the strap. The box lid is not as tight as I had hoped it would be, but the strap makes it all sorts of good (and even more stylish). Other than that, the craftsmanship on the box (and especially the emblem on the lid!!!) is amazingly well done. Kudos to the whole team!"
- Robert W
"I just got my Dice box about 5 minutes ago. The quality is fantastic and I look forward to using it for a long time to come."
- Claude J
"Wow. I just got my dice box in today's mail and it's beautiful. The custom symbol looks great and I love it. Well done. I am over the moon thrilled with it, actually. It's beautiful and the personalized symbol really makes it extra special to me."
- Pam G
Just got my box in today, and I am thrilled! Can't wait to show it to my gaming group."
- Barbara
I received my Dice Chest the other day, very pleased with the build quality!"
- Tyler L
"Received my Adventure Case yesterday. Great piece of work. Keep up the good work."
- Peer
"A box of boxes arrived today! I chose a box for myself and one for my brother - both are beautiful, plus they showed up significantly earlier than expected. Bonus points to you all for a great Kickstarter!"
- Hannah O
"Just got mine; I stressed over what combination of wood/felt to pick out, but it looks fantastic! Walnut + black felt. Also, I thought the custom design I picked out would be too complicated, but you nailed it. I really look forward to showing this off. THANKS!!"
- Kevin S
"I just got mine and it's gorgeous. The smell was overpowering when I opened the box, but about 12 hours later, everything is just fine."
- Michael T
"Hi, congrats on being the first KS project I've backed that delivered on time / early! The box itself is beautifully made and I am very happy with it. Had an impression it would be a little deeper, but it's still great."
- Francis L
" I'm still trying to pick my jaw up off the floor. This is incredible! It's so much better than what I thought it would be. I can't get over the quality of this box. The emblem, the woodwork - it's all amazing."
- Borjan B
"Got my box, ahead of when I was expecting! (In fact, you beat delivery on several other of my outstanding Kickstarters, so bonus points!) My Chest is BEAUTIFUL! I am the world's worst carpenter, so I greatly admire the skills in making these! I cannot wait to take it to a game session soon!"
- kamicosmos
"Well that was unexpected. Just got my dice chest. Now. In December. Uhhhhhhh.....yay! It's awesome guys, you did an excellent job! It's everything I was expecting and more. Bigger than I expected for sure, but it fits snugly into my storage area, so it's perfect in my books. Woo!"
- Alexander
"Thanks guys the Boxes look Great!!! Great Job!"
- Skywize
"I'm in Australia and I received mine just a few days ago... Bloody great looking box! Everyone will be happy with it. Fantastic work guys!"
- Paul J
"Received my spalted box today in Melbourne, Australia. I'm really pleased with it. Might sound weird, but I really like the smell too!"
- Birthright
"Got mine in the mail today. Nice, solid piece of craftsmanship. You folks do great work. I am more than happy."
- Roy K
"Got my marblewood box and its absolutely gorgeous. Very fine work guys!"
- Cameron T
"I got my spalted box and it's amazing! Thank you! =)"
- Galit
"Got mine today. How did you do that? I mean I haven't expected those boxes for another two months. That's just awesome, guys. Kudos."
- Martin J
"Just received the chests in Malaysia and they are beautiful indeed. Totally did not expect to received them so soon. This has to be the quickest kickstarter ever. You guys are really sneaky in giving me this pleasant surprise."
"I backed the previous project so I knew that the quality of what I was to receive would be good, but the dice chest I got today in the mail is far beyond what I expected. Absolutely lovely. Even the pictures do not really do it justice. The finish and wood have a gorgeous sheen to them that changes depending on the angle of light."
- Cory M
"Arrived in Sydney, Australia! Thank you! It's wonderful!"
- Adrian C
"Received my Classic Chest today. Very nice!"
- Michael S
"Just received my chest today and you guys did a great job. Very nice job on the whole KS process, I will definitely refer people to your website."
- Michael U
"Woo-Hoo! Came in the mail today. Still has varnish smells. Dice roll very well. Can't wait to use it tomorrow."
- Bruce T
"Okay, I got the box a few days ago. Sorry for not responding sooner. Holy shit man...I have it on a table near the door. When I come in from work sometimes I like to feel the wood just because of how smooth and well worked it is. It's obviously a labor of love. Thank you for making something that I will have for years. I suited it up with a whole bunch of gaming things. It's filled to capacity and still doesn't have all the dice. I'll have to do that with the next box! Wow, I can't stop gushing. Just thank you. Please let the rest of the team know how much I appreciate all their hard work. I also look forward to playing your games!"
- Alex F
"Arrived today. Man, that was quick. And looks great too! Thanks for a great KS, and good luck in future projects."
- Johan K
"Hey I just wanted to let you know I received the new box today, checked it out and it looks great this time around, excellent Christmas present! Thanks so much for the replacement and wish you guys a Merry Christmas =)"
- Michael G
"I got my chest today! It is a thing of beauty! Thanks guys!"
- Michael G
"Thanks Alot! Love these Chests! Keep it up!"
- Javier P
"It's an awesome project -- I admire good woodworking!"
- Joel L
"I received the redone dice chest and it is perfect. Thanks so much for getting it squared away for me; you guys are amazing. I am very pleased with the dice chest and will be purchasing an adventure case soon."
- Brian C
Infinity Screen Feedback
It is awesome!!! I use it [Player Pad] every day. I use it for roll-n-write games. I bring it to restaurants at breakfast. It always draws attention from customers!"
- Karen
"This is really great. And addictive! Designing these screens has eaten up a part of my day. It's better than doom scrolling!"
- darrens
"This screen is absolutely gorgeous. The artwork is amazing. It would be useful when designing to have a "mirror side" option so you could make both sides the same without having to recolor manually. Maybe that was in there and I didn't see it. Very cool, nonetheless. :)"
- john
"Really intuitive and great fun to use. Had a great time designing this screen and my only request is I actually get to own this screen someday :)"
- rbunce
"Running two campaigns in the same setting, the customizability of this screen has made it so I could apply color schemes and setting to incorporate aspects of both parties into this. I hope to win! Fingers crossed"
- tmiller
"The builder was awesome. The other day I was thinking how great it would be to see the actual screen I wanted, and here it is! The colors seem a bit darker than the names, but it is still an impressive amount of options!"
- jbauman
"I love the options and color schemes available"
- jordanc
"The design tool is surprisingly robust, and the current designs are pretty solid as well."
- davidc
"This is an exciting tool!"
- adam
"Very cool tool to custom build a DM screen!"
- nick
"I love how smooth the process to design one’s screen can be."
- Mtgraham
"The Infinity Screen Builder works fantastic and I would love to see my design to brought to life! Thank you guys so much!"
- kevinl
"Love the ability to make the accents any color"
- robw
"Keep up the awesome work, you guys are great at what you do!"
- tj
"I'm loving the customization options you provide."
- bosterwyk
"This was a fun experience to be able to change all of the colors."
- queenofkings5
"Couldn't help but tweak my design some more! This tool is so much fun to use!"
- thesweetbaboo
"This screen designer is so much fun!"
- grayartworkshop
"Love the concept! I'm excited to see more art."
- emtman
"I've made 3 at this point and am really just having a time of it"
- rnlawson8
"I was able to recreate memories from my first campaign I ran! What a great creator"
- gbegordis
"This is an awesome way to make a unique and custom screen, I love it!"
- theubergamer
"Love this idea, very fun to use too!"
- flisshfashion
"Awesome products! I love the design process, this is really cool!"
- lordsivra
"I love the overall concept of this new system, and I look forward to what you plan to do with it!"
- stoehovve
"The color selection is MUCH better now, thank you so much for updating it!"
- clinsiler
"The system is really really cool, actually really easy to use on a phone."
- jjappy
"Love this idea - tried to tell a story with the panels - keep up the great work!"
- rhuwe
"Love it! Very cool to see my own design come to life instantly."
- kkjjnelson
"This is a great tool to help us design our own screens! Thank you for your hard work on this!"
- benson
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