A perfect replica of your heart.
Limited Edition TAINTED HEART Dice Box
Unique Break Apart Design
Includes Sharp Edge Acrylic Tainted Polys
Share your RPG passion with the one you love
Or just get it for yourself, you selfish kobold.

Limited Edition TAINTED HEART Dice Box

Sold Out

To celebrate Valentine's Day we are releasing a run of Limited Edition break apart Tainted Heart Dice Boxes. Only 50 will be made.
Featuring beautiful hand applied selective staining, a unique break apart double dice box design, sturdy Maple construction, and a Lifetime Guarantee.

to wrap your tentacles around
  • Limited Edition Design. Wrap your tentacles around your love with this Limited Edition Valentine's Day DMG exclusive.
  • Two Dice Boxes in one. The Tainted Heart is actually two matching dice boxes that fit together with magnets. Just like your heart.
  • Polys Included. Includes a set of Sharp Edge Resin Tainted Polyhedrals to ensure you crit all day this vday (Feb 14th is less than a week away!).
  • Extra Space. Each side of the heart can hold a full set of polyhedrals. Keep your love close while you game together or at different tables (Maybe plant a secret set of super rare polys that you have been holding on to for ages in the other side?).
  • Hand Applied Stain. Every Tainted Heart features hand applied coloring that is guaranteed to contain 90% love and 10% Goblin blood (gluten free).
  • Lifetime Guarantee and SCRY Support. All of our products come with a Lifetime Guarantee and the Tainted Heart has SCRY System support. (Protip: It's free real estate.)
Show your love while we craft with love
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