This item has been sold and is no longer available.
If you would like us to build a similar one for you email custom@dogmight.com and reference item #9800.

Mixed Wood Species Cthulhu Sculpted Sentinel

Crafted in Mixed Wood Species with Natural finish. Features a Cthulhu sculpt crafted out of Maple and banded mixed wood species for the body of the Sentinel, with sculpted Six top interior and Card Triple bottom interior. The other wood species include Cherry, Maple, African Mahogany, Black Walnut, and White Ash. Double coated with a custom varnish for superb luster and protection.

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IN STOCK Sentinels

A Flexible Unit for Card Games, Board Games, and RPGs

The Sentinel is a fully customizable chest that works perfectly for a huge amount of Card Games, Board Games, and RPGs.
Initially developed as a break from traditional deck boxes, the Sentinel is perfect for Living and Collectible Card Games that require a full deck as well as a large amount of tokens. It also acts as a wonderful carrier for Role Players, capable of holding a massive amount of dice, spell cards, and tokens. The Sentinel also acts as excellent storage for larger, campaign style board games or as an easy storage solution when you can't finish a game in one session.
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