This item has been sold and is no longer available.
If you would like us to build a similar one for you email and reference item #7764.

Bhilwara Polys with Royal Azel

Crafted in Bhilwara with Natural finish. Bhilwara contains gorgeously swooping grain, swirling with chocolates, caramels, and coffee-colored hues with the occasional dash of red. It is often compared to Hawaiian Koa. Full set of 7 Standard Polyhedral Dice, all inlaid by hand with Royal Azel. Double coated with a custom varnish for superb luster and protection.

Artifact Dice Seconds

Welcome backers!

During fulfillment we've produced a number of dice that were incorrect or not up to our quality standards.
Most of these are functionally perfect but have cosmetic issues. You will receive exactly what is in the photo. Expect the following issues:
  • Oblong shapes. Some units have shapes that are oblong or distorted.
  • Slightly different sizes. Some dice may not be exactly the same size as production quality units.
  • Aesthetic issues. Some units will have small flaws in the engraving, inlay, or finish.
IMPORTANT: All Artifact Dice below are seconds from Kickstarter production. They are not up to our standards and are all discounted accordingly and sold AS-IS. This offer is for backers only - please do not share this link.
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