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Mora Polys with Lapis Lazuli

Crafted in Mora with Natural finish. Mora is made of deep, dark browns with red and auburn hues and interlocking grain. It is occasionally called "eastern mahogany" due to its resemblance to mahogany. Full set of 7 Standard Polyhedral Dice, all inlaid by hand with Lapis Lazuli. Double coated with a custom varnish for superb luster and protection.

Glorious Wooden Dice!
Dice come fully protected in a sweet Dog Might box.

Artifact Dice

The Jewelry of Gaming

High quality polyhederal dice crafted in a wide variety of rare woods and exotic materials. Backed by a lifetime guarantee.


Artifact Dice are precision cut by a CNC machine, and then sanded, inlaid, and finished by hand. We minimize errors as much as possible and will not sell dice that fall outside of our strict guidelines.


A set of plastic polys generally weigh 1.0 oz +/- 0.1 oz. Our lightest dice are 0.7 oz and our heaviest dice are 1.3 oz.


Artifact Dice are slightly larger to show off the wood grain and to provide more heft in hand. The largest diameter is 1 inch.

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