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Spalted Tamarind GM Deck Tablet

Crafted in Spalted Tamarind with Natural finish.
Shaped to comfortably follow the curvature of your Valhalla Screen, this accessory assists with holding extra ball bearings, writing tools, dice, trackers, minis, tablets, and more! Available with a variety of interiors.

The GM Deck features side magnets so you can expand as needed.

Spalted Tamarind

Tamarindus indica

Planted throughout the tropics for their fruit, Spalted Tamarind is known for it's striking visual appearance. Spalting is very common in the sapwood which is sharply demarcated from the rarely imported heartwood. Older Tamarind trees can become quite large, but wide boards are rare as the trunks tend to become hollow. Spalted Tamarind is soft and often features natural occlusions combined with sharp, striking dark lines and creamy color variations.
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