The original Component Collector in it's glory.
Bins and bins of incorrect tiles.
Over 75+ seconds that are looking for a home!

Component Collector Seconds

Welcome backers!

As you all know we have produced an enormous amount of Component Collectors. We've also produced an enormous amount of units that were incorrect or not up to our quality standards.
Most of these are functionally perfect but were crafted with incorrect tiles or finish. You will receive exactly what is in the photo. Some units have the following minor issues:
  • Prototype cuts. Some units have earlier versions of tile designs.
  • Slightly different sizes. Some units may not be exactly the same size as production quality units.
  • Aesthetic issues. The occassional unit will be oversanded or have small flaws in the tile or finish.
  • Missing strap or felt. Some units are missing a strap or felt - check out the photo carefully before purchasing.
  • Occassional bad magnet. The majority of these have properly installed magnets, but some units may have a missing or reversed polarity magnet.
IMPORTANT: All Component Collectors below are seconds from Kickstarter production. They are not up to our excruciating standards and are all discounted accordingly and sold AS-IS. This offer is for original Component Collector backers only - please do not share this link.
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