Selective Stain Palette

Bring your Dream Valhalla Screen to Life

Create your own, unique Screen from your vision. You will work with our Graphic Designer and select which stains go where on your Screen. After choosing your palette we will send you a mock up of your Screen for your approval. Please, feel free to reach out to us at if you have any questions.

Base Colors

Standard Color Palette

This wide range of colors can be used in any combination anywhere on your Screen. Each of our colors are light fast and will never fade, retaining their brilliance for a lifetime of gaming.
Abyssal Black
Electric Pink

Complex Colors

Blended color Palette

This range of colors gives you the option of using blended colors for high contrast. These color combinations are only available on large areas of your Screen (think sky, mountains, ground, etc.).
Poison Apple

Oil Wash Upgrade +$25

Wash the entire palette

After staining your Screen with your color choices, our Artisans will coat your entire screen in one of our Oil Based Washes. These add depth to every color and unify the entire piece. Please note that the entire screen MUST be coated.
No Wash
Ebony Wash

Enamel Inlay Upgrade +$75

Only available on engraved screens

Add hand applied metallic enamel inlay to make your Screen truly come alive.

More Customization

Envision something you don't see here?

The range of what we can accomplish is quite remarkable. We'd be happy to work on a more specific solution with you. Email to get started.

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