Making it smooth

Sanding is the most approachable station in the shop but requires a high level of detail to master. Any product that leaves our shop has spent a great deal of time in sanding. At its core, sanding is about making items feel smooth to the touch and conditioning the wood to be able to successfully take a stain or finish. The station is equipped with a number of different tools to accomplish this.
Downdraft Table. This is a table with a grate or hole that has negative air pressure via dust collector. Its purpose is to pull the wood dust away from the sanding tools, out of the air, and into dust collection.
Orbital sanders. These hand held tools are the backbone of sanding. We use an array of high end sanders so multiple craftsmen can be sanding concurrently depending on the work load.
Belt Sander. This beast is a machine powered belt that rotates very quickly. It is best suited to rough work on flat surfaces and is used for specific products.
Dremel tools. These are very versatile hand tools that are used for grinding, small material removal, shaping, and deburring. Dremel tools allow us to access very small spaces on the item that aren't normally accessible by hand.
Homemade tools. We have created a number of homemade tools to accomplish specific sanding jobs. They are trade secrets and we will never tell anyone what they do.
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