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The Infinity Screen

Full customization at your fingertips.

The Infinity Screen brings your campaign to life with your choice of over 50 original pieces of art, 100 color selections for each element, and real time preview rendering. Every Infinity Screen is crafted from kiln dried Maple, meticulously stained by hand, and finished with hand applied black enamel inlay to bring out the details of your design.

The Visualizer

Real time rendering

The Infinity Screen Visualizer gives you full control over the placement of your BBEG, the locations important to your story, and even the McGuffins the party needs to recover.
This amazing flexibility combined with our Artisan's finesse guarantees your next screen will be a truly unique piece of art that immortalizes your campaign.
After you visit the Visualizer a preview of your final design will appear near the purchase process below.
"Setting up one of these screens at the head of your gaming table is sure to send a message to your players that you mean business."
- Jeffery Parkin at Polygon.com

Screen Specifications
Loads of Features
  • Each Infinity Screen incorporates our innovative magnetic design. Metal rods join the panels firmly together while allowing for full rotation to fit any table and GM style. The screen can be quickly assembled and taken apart for convenient storage.
  • You can easily attach the one 11" x 8.5" and two 6.5" x 5.5" plexiglass panels. Secure your game notes and charts with the included ten bearings to any of the 22 embedded magnets on the back of the screen.
  • All Dog Might Screens enable 100% custom layout and are compatible with our Pen Holder, Dice Tower, Shelf, Plot Hooks, Inspiration Tokens, etc. accessories. View the full accessory line here.
  • Each panel has an Inline Initiative Track cut into its top edge so you can insert the 6 included initiative trackers anywhere. Our trackers are also plexiglass so you can use dry or wet erase markers on them.
  • Every Dog Might panel is crafted from 0.625" solid, kiln dried hardwood. The Infinity Screen center panel measures an incredible 20" x 9". The side panels measure roughly 11.75" x 9", making them large enough to display a full piece of paper oriented in landscape.
  • Our screens are created from hand selected boards, banded together horizontally to prevent movement of the wood for a lifetime of use.
Example Designs
Some ideas to get you started!
"With the Valhalla GM Screen, you get a melding of beauty and functionality. The pictures of the gorgeous design and finishing work on the screen speaks for itself. But importantly, once you get past the wow factor of the Valhalla GM Screen, you'll be impressed by the modular design."
- Paul at Geekdad.com
Blending Options
Infinity Screens give you 2 choices for your custom finish: Comic and Artistic.
Comic Style
This option will result in the finished Screen looking as close as possible to your design in the visualizer. The colors will be rendered as you see them in your design, without blending or shading. This results in a simpler, bolder Infinity Screen.
Artistic Blending
This style will allow our artisans to take more liberties when staining your Screen. They will base the color choices off of your design but each area of color will have more subtlety in shading and blending. This results in a more realistic, graphic novel style. This option takes considerably more time to produce as senior artisans are required to oversee color blending.
A Note on Color
Not all computer displays are the same!
While our artisans will make every attempt to match your Infinity Screen Design, the final result may appear slightly different than what is displayed on your screen.
Due to the inherent differences in computer display technology it is impossible to perfectly capture color across devices. Color display can vary across phones, tablets, and monitors.
Wood coloration, even within the same species, can change the resulting finish. While we hand pick lumber for each Infinity Screen, even modest color changes in the wood can result in minor variations of color from piece to piece.
However, you can rest assured that if you are unhappy with any aspect of you Infinity Screen we will remedy any issues under our Lifetime Guarantee.
Contact a Real Person
You have questions, we have answers
If you have any questions before you place your order feel free to contact us to talk to a real person! (Seriously, our response time is absolutely insane. Email info@dogmight.com to find out.)
Optional Screen Accessories
Customize your Infinity Screen
The Infinity Screen is compatible with our full line of GM Screen Accessories. Trust us - we've been crafting these for years - they are well worth it.
Your Design
Live preview of your design
The design below will be submitted with this order. We will reach out to you for final confirmation once your screen is ordered.
Current lead time for this item is approximately 5-6 weeks. Shipping times vary depending on location. Need something sooner? In Stock Inventory is available immediately and leaves our shop within 2 to 4 business days.
Hassle free returns, and a lifetime guarantee. We stand behind all of our products. If you are not 100% satisfied we will make things right. Learn more.
SCRY System Enabled!
The SCRY System is a new feature that ensures you see every step of the crafting process completed in real time. Learn more.
Comments from our testers
"This is really great. And addictive! Designing these screens has eaten up a part of my day. It's better than doom scrolling!"
- darrens (Read More)
"This screen is absolutely gorgeous. The artwork is amazing. It would be useful when designing to have a "mirror side" option so you could make both sides the same without having to recolor manually. Maybe that was in there and I didn't see it. Very cool, nonetheless. :)"
- john (Read More)
"Really intuitive and great fun to use. Had a great time designing this screen and my only request is I actually get to own this screen someday :)"
- rbunce (Read More)
"Running two campaigns in the same setting, the customizability of this screen has made it so I could apply color schemes and setting to incorporate aspects of both parties into this. I hope to win! Fingers crossed"
- tmiller (Read More)
"The builder was awesome. The other day I was thinking how great it would be to see the actual screen I wanted, and here it is! The colors seem a bit darker than the names, but it is still an impressive amount of options!"
- jbauman (Read More)
"the power is IN the flowers." - Alyssa
Original Artwork
Renowned Fantasy Illustrator Alyssa Menold
We wanted the aesthetic of the Infinity Screen to be cohesive and fluid. To this end, we reached out to our most favorite and beloved illustrator Alyssa Menold.
She agreed to complete and entire art catalog for all elements in the Infinity Screen - the result is a massive variety of seamless art and color combinations that will embody your next campaign on a very personal level.
We are pleased to combine the skills of our team of craftspeople, artists, and technical wizards to bring your campaign vision to life with the Infinity Screen.
"My focus is on helping people work better day to day - it is about creating actual transparency to support staff and help them achieve their goals while worshiping the ancient ones with impunity." - Mike
Technical Wizardry
Programming Meets Creativity
It's no secret that one of the founders Dog Might was a programmer in a previous life (he used punchcards and vacuum tubes).
Our entire technical infrastructure is custom written - from scanning a product through sanding to updating customers in real-time via the SCRY system, Cameron (pictured left, under Eldrich influence) has been a driving force in the technical evolution of DMG.
Moving from a stale corporate environment to a living, breathing entity of his own creation has influenced Cameron to double down on the value of humans that are impacted by the technology he creates. Or whatever.
"What in the hell is happening right now?..." - Matt
The Crafting Process
Years of Experience Creating Functional Art
Dog Might exists to bring the human spirit to life via excellent working conditions, artistic liberty, and a supportive environment. Our craftspeople define who we are and constantly strive toward the betterment of our craft.
Our people have multiple years of woodworking experience, are passionate about role-playing, and are accepting of the inherent differences in humans. Nurturing this environment creates trust and bolsters the creativity that exists in every member of our team.
We have worked diligently over the last ten years to cultivate a vibrant and compassionate culture. This has coalesced into the essential ingredients necessary for the formulation of the Infinity Screen.
It has been a long road balancing creativity with practicality. We hope you enjoy the result.

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