Selectivly Stained Flying Wyrm Valhalla Screen.
Selectivly Stained Arcana Valhalla Screen.
Selectivly Stained Knoebel Hydra Valhalla Screen.
Selectivly Stained Skulls Valhalla Screen.
Selectivly Stained Tavern Valhalla Screen.
Selectivly Stained Eastern Dragon Valhalla Screen.
Selectivly Stained Skulls Valhalla Screen.
Selectively Stained Valhalla Screen with Yggdrasil Sculpt
Selectively Stained Spellbook Valhalla Screen.

Valhalla Screens

An Amazing GM Screen with Awesome Features

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Instill AWE in your players by having this amazing centerpiece on your table next session. These mind blowing screens are fully sculpted and come with a longship load of awesome features.

The Perfect Custom Screen

Want to create the screen you always wanted AND blow your players' minds at the same time? Each Valhalla Screen is an amazing piece of unique functional artwork that is fully customizable - choose your wood species, design, finish, and accessories to create the screen of your dreams. Totally badass and comes with a lifetime guarantee.
You take your game seriously. Now it's time for a serious screen.
  • Break apart magnetic design for easy storage next to your rulebooks.
  • Each panel measures roughly 12" x 9", large enough to hold a full piece of paper and oriented in Landscape format to allow easy access to your players and table.
  • Metal rods hold your screen together firmly and allow full rotation of each screen to fit your table and GM style.
  • 18 Embedded magnets on the back of the screen for holding 2 included Plexiglass panels for note taking or steel bearings for posting charts and tables. 10 Bearings are included with every Screen to pin your papers and notes.
  • Inline initiative track along the top of every panel. Comes with 6 Plexiglass initiative trackers great for use with dry or wet erase markers.
  • Each panel is crafted from 0.625" solid, kiln dried hardwood. Our screens are created from hand selected boards, banded together horizontally to prevent movement of the wood for a lifetime of use.
  • All Screens are compatible with Dice Tower, Shelf, and Pen Holder accessories. View the options further down the page.
  • Note that 4 panel sculpted screens (ex: Flying Wyrm) come with an additional full panel piece of plexi.
  • Want a Selectively Stained Valhalla Screen? Email

Add awesome accessories further down the page!

"This wooden screen is so awesome, I feel almost unworthy to use it. But I will manage. Dog Might Games, you really did a fantastic job with this! I love it and already ran my first session behind it on Monday."
- Mike Z (read more)
Current lead time for this item is approximately 5-6 weeks. Shipping times vary depending on location. Need something sooner? In Stock Inventory is available immediately and ships in 3-4 business days.
Valhalla Screen Accessories in Black Walnut.
Dice Rack Accessory.
Engraved Dice Tower.
Valhalla Screen Accessories in Flame Birch with Demon's Blood finish.
Valhalla Screen Lights.
Valhalla Screen Custom Initative Trackers.

Valhalla Screen Accessories

Fully Customize your Screen

Choose from an array of accessories to customize your Valhalla Screen!

Dice Tower

An elegant accent piece that locks into place on any two vertical magnets on the Valhalla Screen. Designed with a small footprint to integrate with the screen seamlessly. Features a writable plexiglass front, and a matching tray lined with black felt. Measures approximately 2.5" x 6" x 1.5". Tray measures approximately 4" x 4" x 0.85"

Dice Tower Engraving

As an added option, engrave the face of the Dice Tower Plexi for an extra customized look.


A three tier shelf for holding miniatures, dice, trackers, and other goodies. Snaps securely to any 4 magnets on the Valhalla Screen, and is able to hold the heaviest gaming gear around.

Dice Rack

A wide rack with wells to hold up to 9 dice. Snaps securely to any 3 horizontal magnets on the Valhalla Screen.

Pen Holder

A slim holder for pens, pencils, or dry erase markers. Reverses to become a small shelf for minis or dice. Snaps to any 2 horizontal magnets on the Valhalla Screen. Measures approximately 5" x 1.25" x 0.5"


A chain of three lights that magnetize to the screen in a wide variety of arrangements. Comes in your choice of 4 colors.

Custom Initative Trackers

A set of double sided wooden initative trackers with your choice of text on each one. After placing your order, email to specify the text you want.
Current lead time for this item is approximately 5-6 weeks. Shipping times vary depending on location. Need something sooner? In Stock Inventory is available immediately and ships in 3-4 business days.

Valhalla Screen Carrying Bag

Store your Gaming Gear in Style

This full tuck polypropylene messenger bag features ample room for gaming gear, books, a laptop, and is sized to hold Valhalla Screens. Measures approximately 15 x 11 x 5 inches and comes with 4 foam dividers to protect your screen and other gear.
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