The DMG RPGallery System

Functional Art for your Wall

The Dog Might RPGallery is a modular RPG storage system that hangs on your wall. It is designed to show off all of your beloved dice, minis, and gaming gear with the ability to instantly deploy to the gaming table.
The system is a combination of a Canvas that is either artwork or rolling tray, and multiple Shadowboxes that are individually customizable to suit your needs. It has multiple uses as a display rack, gaming room artwork, deployable magnetic structure, or a utility caddy for your next game.
Boasting a massive amount of customization to suit your play style, the RPGallery is innovative artwork that you can use for any game.

The Canvas

Crunchy and Custom

The backbone of the RPGalley is the Canvas. It lives on your wall with quick connect mounting hardware for ease of transfer to the table. Choose from 3d sculpted artwork, laser engravings, or the utility driven Rolling Tray option.
Every Shadowbox magnetically attaches to the Canvas, and can be stacked up to 2 Shadowboxes deep (a single Canvas can support up to 6 Shadowboxes at maximum).
Multiple Canvases may be mounted in parallel to support a wide variety of Shadowbox configurations, or placed in different location to add functional art to your game room.
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The Shadowboxes

Tabletop Utility Wallhanging

Every Shadowbox is fully customizable and you are able to choose the exact combination for your play style. Up to 6 Shadowboxes can fit on a canvas, or you can forgo the canvas entirely as each Shadowbox will magnetically snap together.
Regardless of your play style the Shadowbox works as a standalone or in tandem with one or more Canvases.

Dice Display Shadowbox

For the Serious Collector

Protect and show off at the same time - the Dice display features a foam embrace for your cherished set of polys and options for the rest of the dice family. Keep everything protected, looking sharp, and accessible to pass around for admiration.
An additional plexi inset make the Dice Display compatible with both standard and oversized polys.

Miniature Shadowbox

Protect the Star of the Show

Want to showcase your painting while protecting your Hero from sticky hands? The Miniature Shadowbox will provide a safe harbor and commemorate their glory during downtime. Stores minis with a maximum base size of 1 inch.

Polys Shadowbox

The Standard Dice Display

Keep your most reliable set of polys ready to roll for initiative. These stalwart sets deserve a little recognition combined with ample availability every game. Lend them out, show them off, and they will always come back home.

Spell Tracker Shadowbox

Track Your Casts via 9d6

Monitor all nine of your spell slots art a glance then throw the lid on to store the score. Add a starter set of 9d6 to hit the table casting.

Open Shadowbox

The Flexible Catchall

Not sure what you will need? The Open Shadowbox is a flexible catchall for all of your gaming tidbits. Has a natural affinity with the Dice Tower Shadowbox.

Life Counter Shadowbox

Ensure you become Unconscious on time

With two sets of 0-999 counters, the Life Counter Shadowbox will monitor your essence and store it for the next session. Especially good for tactile players and those who like to fiddle.

Abacus Shadowbox

Ancient Counting becomes modern

With a range from 0 to 1000 the Abacus Shadowbox is a modern take on an ancient system. Featuring magnetically held rods, each row holds ten industrial style counters and comes in your choice of wood species, lining, engraving, and counters.

Coaster Shadowbox

Drink Holder and Opener

Serve all of your drink-related needs with a Shadowbox that opens and support your beverage. Avoid messy spills on the table and display customizable artwork at the same time.

Coins Shadowbox

Bank like Tywin Lannister

Take this Shadowbox to the bank with 3 generous rows of coins that provide storage and organization. Customizable engraving and starter coins will have you banking like Tywin Lannister in the summer.

Deck Shadowbox

Storage and Utility in Hand

A combo card holder and display tile the Deck Shadowbox provide ample flexibility for your cards. Whether you are tracking spells or drawing from a Crit Hit deck this Shadowbox has you covered.

Dice Tower Shadowbox

Compact and Innovative

This compact Dice Tower comes with two bearings so it can snap to any Shadowbox tile for rolling. Attach it to the side of a Rolling Tray Canvas for even more flexibility.

Notepad Shadowbox

The Scribe's Essential

The reliable scribe requires an appropriate apparatus to capture essential details. Keep your notepad at hand and enshrined with the latest details on the wall (like they will read it anyway).

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