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Want to help us refine our latest R&D items? We are looking for gaming veterans that can provide detailed feedback on upcoming product ideas we are working on.
Successful candidates should be regular players that can provide constructive feedback. Selected testers will receive a free prototype of the item at no cost.
Gaming Table Drink Holder
Product Description: a fully sculpted, customizable, magnetic drink holder for use with a variety of existing game tables.
Testing Goals:
  • To gather feedback from testers across a variety of table designs to determine the most common sizes and rail depths.
  • To determine popular design options, wood species, and finishes.
  • To test suggested pricing and common desired quantity.
  • To determine overall practicality and utility.
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Limited Space Available. We will choose 10 people to test this product based on responses below. Testers will receive a free sample in their choice of design. Please indicate the brand of table you have.
This product test is closed. Thank you to everyone who participated!
Product test runs from Dec 28th 2021 to Jan 6th 2022 and has an approximate total retail value of $75. Selected candidates will be screened and contacted by email. No purchase necessary.

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