Inlaid with your choice of Flower (Rose, Lotus, Amaryllis, or Daisy).
Includes matching hand turned mechanical pencil.
Includes matching hand turned mechanical pencil.
Includes set of Sharp Edge Polyhedral Dice.
Hand Applied Rose Design.
Includes Mechanical Pencil and Dice.

The New Growth Line is Here

A Limited Edition Box Set

Welcome to the Dog Might OGL NGL box set! The New Year is a time to celebrate new beginnings. This limited edition collection commemorates that sentiment with gorgeous floral designs, hand applied stains, and metallic black enamel inlay. Crafted out of two of our favorite woods, Curly Maple and Black Walnut, this collection is here for a very limited time so pick yours soon.
Each set includes a matching Hand Turned Mechanical pencil crafted with premium stainless steel hardware, a set of Sharp Edge Polyhedral Dice, and a matching Limited Edition Floral Dice Box with your choice of design.

Domestic Wood Species

North American Black Walnut and Curly Maple

Crafted from hand selected North American Black Walnut and banded with domestic Curly Maple.

Black Walnut

Juglans nigra

Speaking of Black Walnut, this species may lack the flash of woods like Bubinga, but in its simplicity it remains a classic that is highly prized. The heartwood is rich with creamy, purplish or greyish browns, ranging from dark to tan, and made all the more striking when it meets the equally creamy, very light brown to white sapwood. Native to the Midwest and eastern North America, Black Walnut is highly sought after for its appearance and how easily it is worked. The softest wood we offer, Black Walnut rates 1010 on the Janka hardness scale. Our Viking Lumberjack predecessors may have used this wood for higher end products. We do know, though, that walnuts were frequently used in dishes.


Acer Saccharum

Compared to other species within the Acer genus, Acer saccharum, also known as Hard Maple, is the most dense (sitting at about 1450 on the Janka scale). Aside from the very important maple syrup that makes up a good portion of a Viking Lumberjack's diet, this tree produces a wood desirable for its workability, general ease of finishing, and lovely, classic appearance. Maple was used for furniture and cask spigots by our Viking predecessors. Today, outside of our shop, the wood is commonly seen in sports - basketball courts, baseball bats, bowling alleys, and even archery bows. The flexibility of maple makes for great bows, although the Viking Lumberjacks of the past and archers of the present still prefer yew and ash.
Limited Time Only
Available Until February 1st.
No Longer Available.

Madison the Necromancer
The Crafting Process
Years of Experience Creating Functional Art
Dog Might exists to bring the human spirit to life via excellent working conditions, artistic liberty, and a supportive environment. Our craftspeople define who we are and constantly strive toward the betterment of our craft.
Our people have multiple years of woodworking experience, are passionate about role-playing, and are accepting of the inherent differences in humans. Nurturing this environment creates trust and bolsters the creativity that exists in every member of our team.
We have worked diligently over the last ten years to cultivate a vibrant and compassionate culture. This has coalesced into the essential ingredients necessary for the formulation of our amazing gaming gear.
It has been a long road balancing creativity with practicality. We hope you enjoy the result.
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