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For many years, Dog Might has been combining craftsmanship and thematic artistry to create truly unique pieces of functional art for your game. From the Original Component Collector to our fully sculpted Valhalla Screens for GMs, each piece is created on site in our woodshop in Michigan by our devoted team of craftsmen.

The Legacy Tray

January 2022

100% Fulfilled
The storage solution for contemporary legacy board games.
The Legacy Tray will take you from session to session with ease - it's the perfect compliment to legacy, campaign, and lifestyle games. Drastically reduced setup time and long term storage will make game night a breeze.

d20 Fidget Spinner

October 2021

100% Fulfilled
Roll your next d20 with pure fidget energy - choose from 20 wood options, 18 unique designs, and 16 dials to build your ideal spinner.
Dog Might Games, creators of epic TTRPG Gaming Gear, are back with their newest creation: d20 Fidget Spinners. These durable, fully sculpted hardwood Spinners are virtually silent, feel great in hand, and let you roll your dice anywhere at any time.

Accursed GM Screen Collection

June 2021

100% Fulfilled
An awe-inspiring three panel GM Screen featuring a Kickstarter exclusive vampire design with hand applied silver enamel inlay on Maple.
The Accursed GM Screen Collection is the product of blood, sweat, and more blood. This epic screen is crafted out of Curly Maple and stained in our Dark Blood finish with a metallic enamel inlaid directly into the engraved panels. Featuring a fully magnetic break apart system and a massive array of customization options, this screen will be the centerpiece in your next foray into darkness. This Kickstarter exclusive design will only be available on this campaign.

The Phoenix Collection

March 2021

100% Fulfilled
A limited edition collection of tabletop gaming gear inspired by hope for the future.
The Phoenix Collection - a symbol of rebirth that we all deserve right now. Celebrate the passing of 2020 and embrace optimism for the future with this Limited Edition Kickstarter collection. Each piece is themed around the Phoenix and has a special feature to mark them as unique to this period in time.

Halloween Lantern Dice Tower

November 2020

100% Fulfilled
Illuminate your game table with our Bluetooth enabled LED Lantern Dice Tower.
Fend off the darkness this Halloween with our Limited Edition Lantern Dice Tower! We've taken our newest accessory and adorned it with a frightening combination of things that go bump in the night. The Lantern is an innovative dice tower that is both visible and accessible from every side, allowing all your players a glimpse at what the dice reveal. Deep within its chambers hides a customizable LED lighting system that syncs with your phone .

Spellbound GM Screen

September 2020

100% Fulfilled
Fall under the spell of this stunning limited edition GM Screen in your choice of Curly Maple, Classic Walnut, or Gorgeous Rosewood.
Dog Might has returned with a stunning new Kickstarter Exclusive Game Master Screen. This latest addition to our famous Valhalla Screen line features the illustration, Spellbound, drawn by Fantasy Artist Alyssa Menold. Our team of artisans have sculpted the Spellbound design across four panels of beautiful hardwood to bring the ultimate functional piece of art to your table.

Fire Dragon Valhalla Screen

January 2020

100% Fulfilled
A MIND BLOWING four panel GM screen featuring a Kickstarter Exclusive Fire Dragon design in gorgeous Curly Maple. Only 100 available.
In October of 2018, Dog Might released the first fully sculpted GM Screen, the Valhalla Screen. Since then, we have released over 30 more designs, including officially licensed screens for: Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu, and Vampire: The Masquerade. We have also designed screens for you favorite shows, such as Relics and Rarities and the Critical Role stream of Undeadwood.


October 2019

100% Fulfilled
An exciting new game of twisting tiles, where the legend of the Minotaur comes alive for 2-4 players.
Labyrinthos is an innovative strategic exploration game inspired by the ancient Greek legend of the Minotaur. Players take on the roles of Athenian sacrifices that have been forced into the Labyrinth to feed the monstrous son of Minos. Each player must explore the maze to uncover its secrets and outsmart the other sacrifices trying to escape.

Artifact Dice

May 2018

100% Fulfilled
High quality dice crafted in a wide variety of rare woods and exotic natural materials. Backed by a lifetime guarantee.
Dog Might Games has been crafting fine wooden gaming accessories for over 4 years. During that time, the number one requested item from our fans was wooden dice. After years of building our amazing staff of woodworkers and after months of prototyping, we are now ready to produce the best dice available in a wide variety of rare woods and exotic natural materials.

The Game Master System

February 2018

100% Fulfilled
An amazingly versatile tool box for every Game Master. Includes a Rolling Tray, GM Screen, Initiative Trackers, and Plexiglass Panels.
This masterwork piece of hardware is designed specifically for today's Game Master. It acts as a dice box, rolling tray, storage area, and features removable screens for hiding your rolls and notes. The Game Master System comes in a large variety of hardwoods and finishes, along with optional wood sculpts, engravings, and metal symbols - allowing you to create the GM System that is perfect for your game.

Countdown: Action Edition

February 2018

100% Fulfilled
The 80's hidden role game!
One Reckless Action Hero, an Out of Control Hostage Situation, who will You Trust? Welcome to Countdown, the 80's hidden role game!

The Traveller Dice Tower

December 2017

100% Fulfilled
Personalized Dice Tower designed for travel and dice storage. Fully sculpted back, engraved front, and loads of customization options.
With over two years of design tweaks, we are super pumped to finally bring our Remastered Traveler Dice Tower to Kickstarter! Like all Dog Might products, the Traveler Dice Tower was born from prototyping, community feedback, and the marriage of design and utility.

Mighty Dice and the Bone Box

September 2017

100% Fulfilled
Awesome wooden Hero Sleeves for your dice and, introducing, the new Bone Box - the new all in one dice carrying and storage solution!
Like all Dog Might products, this project was born from many nights at a table playing games. We understand that gaming is about immersion and every product we create is made to complement your character and the stories you create.

The Component Collector

June 2017

100% Fulfilled
Like all Dog Might products, the Component Collector was born from many nights at a table playing games.
This modular tray system is the result of months of prototyping and is the perfect solution for organizing tokens, coins, and any other components for every game in your collection. Works wonderfully as an individual command center or as a communal bank for all players at the table. Great for RPGs, too.

The Skirmish Box

May 2017

100% Fulfilled
Available in 25+ designs, including official MALIFAUX faction symbols, 6 interior options & metal bottoms for minis with added magnets.
Crafted by the insane Lumberjack Vikings at Dog Might Games, the Skirmish Box is the ultimate mini transport for your next head-to-head battle or campaign encounter. The Skirmish box uses an embedded metal plate that allows your minis with added magnets to stand apart from one another, ensuring safe transport. It also offers a variety of wells to hold cards, tokens, dice, or anything else you need for your game and holds up to 25 minis.

Wooden Insults

April 2017

100% Fulfilled
After years of intense research and development we are proud to unveil the pinnacle of insult technology: Wooden Insults.
Imagine the joy in opening a personalized Wooden Insult that's been shipped directly to your door from Dog Might Games. The custom Insult engraving, 'Sawdust Surprise' packaging, and mass-produced cheap envelope all scream attention to detail and provide the memory of a lifetime. Tears of joy will fall as you vacuum the sawdust off of the floor and apply ointment to the super burn you just received.

The Dragon Tray

February 2017

100% Fulfilled
These amazing works of art are the most jaw dropping rolling trays and token holders known to man. Over 25 designs to choose from!
Crafted by the insane Lumberjack Vikings at Dog Might Games, the Dragon Tray is the most jaw dropping dice rolling surface known to man. These amazing works of art are the culmination of years of artistic study combined with technical expertise and fine craftsmanship. Every Dragon Tray is created from hand selected hardwoods and comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.

The Deck Jacket

October 2016

100% Fulfilled
A beautifully designed customizable wooden case to protect your playing cards. Doubles as a dealing and discard tray.
Store and protect your playing cards in this beautifully designed, break apart card holder manufactured by insane axe wielding lumberjacks. The Deck Jacket is designed specifically for playing card collector, tabletop gamer, or serial wood killer. It is an ideal storage solution that will protect your cherished deck for a lifetime.

The Dragon Sheath

March 2016

100% Fulfilled
A sculpted customizable carrying case for your gaming gear. Available in a variety of woods, colors, and interiors. Holds up to 24 dice!
Organize your gaming supplies in this high quality, customizable sheath. This solid piece of hardware is designed specifically for tabletop and RPG gamers - you pick the wood, the sculpts on each side, and the interior chamber.

The Adventure Case

June 2015

100% Fulfilled
A high quality, fully customizable gaming case that acts as a dice box, rolling tray, storage area, and rolling screen all in one.
Organize your gaming supplies in this high quality customizable case. This masterwork piece of hardware is designed specifically for the tabletop gamer - it acts as a dice box, rolling tray, storage area, and doubles as a screen for stealthy players and GMs that want to hide their dice rolls. It features elegant folding doors that stand the case up to be used as a rolling screen.

The Dice Chest

November 2014

100% Fulfilled
The perfect dice box for tabletop and RPG gamers, finely crafted in a variety of wood with customizable features. Holds 96 dice!
The Dice Chest is a hybrid dice case and rolling tray for tabletop gamers. The lid doubles as a rolling screen for GMs and players who prefer to hide their rolls. Each case is made from wood that is hand selected for it's beauty and strength. Cases are built in our on-site woodshop to our exacting standards.

Design your own Deck Box

June 2014

100% Fulfilled
You design it, we build it. Over 2 trillion unique combinations - built to your spec with our awesome online box building tool!
Use the Builder to create a one of a kind custom box. From wood, to hardware, to decoration, your box will then be built specifically for you. (Note that PREMIUM BOX parts have a medal icon in the builder)

Livestock Uprising

February 2014

100% Fulfilled
A tactical resource management board game where you harvest farmland, marshal animal armies, and battle for control of the farm!
Revolution is in the air. New alliances are being formed: take control of Pigs, Cows, Goats or Chickens and raise your animal army. Use the farmland to harvest resources and marshal new forces. Direct your generals and their troops to outsmart and overcome the other factions. Take control of precious resources and use your faction's special forces to gain an edge over your foes. It is a call to farms - harvest your destiny!
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