Crafting Joe Manganiello's Tiamat Screen!

The Latest Incarnation of Tiamat

The DMG team was recently contacted by a band of adventurers called the Fire Watch Knights. They asked us to create something worthy of their legendary DM, Joe Manganiello.
Taking inspiration from Arkhan the Cruel, we’ve crafted the Ultimate DM screen featuring the subject of the paladin’s devotion. The 5 chromatic heads of Tiamat have been meticulously carved into hardwood and hand stained by our veteran artisans. The GM screen also features a fully modular set of accessories containing a custom dice tower, mini rack, dice shelf, pen holders, and plexi panels.
We’d like to give special thanks to the Fire Watch Knights and our team to helping us create the biggest and most epic DM screen we’ve ever done!
WARNING: The video below is extremely METAL. Do not view if you are uncomfortable with the pure awesomeness of ancient power.

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