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We are very proud to have our Kickass Gaming Gear featured on Geek and Sundry.

Relics & Rarities

Custom Rolling Tray for R&R!

We made some sweet custom rolling trays for the R&R crew. Crafted in North American Black Walnut and adorned with unique features for the show!
Relics & Rarities Premieres Feb. 4th at 6pm PST on Project Alpha. Use promo code RELICS for a FREE trial for new subscribers!


Overlight: Fractured Paradox

Rainbow Rolling Tray on Overlight!

At Dog Might we love two things; awesome games and blowing minds. So we were pumped when Geek&Sundry asked us to surprise the cast of Overlight: Fractured Paradox with a custom made Rolling Tray!
Check out Overlight:Fractured Paradox Fridays at 4pm PST on Twitch!

Valhalla Screen Review

GMs: These Awesome Accessories Will Help Make Your RPG Sessions Epic

"I lucked out with Dogmight Games. Awesome GM Screens that are built with magnets, wood, and the blood of dragons (we think)." - Rick Heinz, Geek and Sundry Resident GM

Vampire: The Masquerade – L.A. By Night

New episodes every Friday!

Led by Storyteller Jason Carl of White Wolf Entertainment, L.A. By Night is a dark tale of personal horror and inhuman conspiracy that sees four vampires doing their best to navigate the macabre affairs and terrifying realities of surviving the L.A. night.

We're Alive: Frontier

New episodes every Wednesday!

This post-apocalyptic adventure follows a band of survivors as they journey into the infected American Midwest. Based on the award-winning podcast, We’re Alive: Frontier features five new characters and countless ways to die!
Images credits: Geek & Sundry, White Wolf Publishing
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