Clockwise: Maple, Rosewood, Mahogany, Purpleheart, and Padauk.
Starter Pack in Action.
Mixed Species and Designs for TTRPGs.
Multiple Tile Designs Available.
Game Tiles in Bolivian Rosewood.
Game Tiles in Maple.
Game Tiles in African Mahogany (in hand) and Black Limba (bottom row).
Cool lights ftw.
Protip: Eight Game Tiles make a perfect rolling area.

Game Tiles

Flexible Organization for Board Games and TTRPGs

Be ready to play at a moment's notice! Game Tiles are magnetic, flexible, stackable components to keep your pieces in line and ready to go. Tiles are modular, store with a small footprint, and will work with every game in your library.



Game Tiles can be oriented in any direction - straight lines, corners, or curves. It's up to you. Each tile has 8 rare earth magnets ensuring a powerful attachment point. They are designed to work in a variety of shapes with 3 adjacent tiles forming a 90 degree curve.

Stacking and Storage

Tiles stack vertically on one top of one another with four rare earth magnets - no extra rack, straps, or complications necessary. Tiles are easy to transport, clean up quickly, and store in a flash.

Print and Play

Download a pdf of the tiles and print out samples to create your perfect arrangement.

Future Proof

All Game Tiles are reverse compatible and work across wood species. Get started with a recommended pack of six, or design your own layout below. When you are ready to expand, tiles will be available In Stock and via Custom Order. Note: Game Tiles are not compatible with the MPS System.

These Remind me of Component Collectors...

Game Tiles are a bigger and better solution to the Component Collector Kickstarter we ran in 2017. That project was a challenging. Game Tiles are a product of hard lessons we learn along the way.
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SCRY System Enabled!
The SCRY System is a new feature that ensures you see every step of the crafting process completed in real time. Learn more.

Starter Pack

Six Pack of Tiles to Start Organizing


Custom Build

Custom Combination of Tiles and Species


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