Countdown: Action Edition

The Most Awesomest Party Game know to man!

One Reckless Action Hero, an Out of Control Hostage Situation, who will You Trust? Welcome to Countdown, the 80's hidden role game!
IntroductionHow To PlayRulebook (pdf)Ask Questions Here!

Countdown Playmat * SOLD OUT *

Experience the 80s in Style

24" x 14" Playmat with 15 card spots for displaying Character Reference cards.

Lakebilly Card Game

Liv'n the wet dream!

There's a huge floatin' shin-dig happenin' across the water. She's gonna be elbow to elbow over there so we need to round up a bunch o' boats, fill 'em with boozed-up locals, and get their asses over there before dock space is gone!
"Very nicely designed game... This was an easy game to understand and follow, and it was funny."

Livestock Uprising

A Call to Farms

Revolution is in the air. New alliances are being formed: take control of Pigs, Cows, Goats or Chickens and raise your animal army. Use the farmland to harvest resources and marshall new forces. Direct your generals and their troops to outsmart and overcome the other factions. Take control of precious resources and use your faction's special forces to gain an edge over your foes. It is a call to farms - harvest your destiny!
Livestock Uprising is a tactical resource management game where you harvest farmland, marshall animal armies, and battle for control of the farm.
This item is no longer in print.
"I have to say they I really enjoyed the theme. I mean, c'mon... 'General Black Angus'. How many games do you know of that lets you command a general named 'Black Angus'?"
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