Fistful of Platinum

A D&D Livesteam on Twitch. Sponsored by Wizards.

Fistful of Platinum DM Alan Patrick is going to be taking the wonders found inside the Beadles & Grimm's Platinum Edition Box Set for Waterdeep: Dragon Heist and lovingly putting them to use in a livestream.
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Two members of the Dog Might Team are ON THE SHOW!!!
Join Lindsey Rode (human rogue Angus Copper),Michael Konas (goliath cleric Otter Thrud),Jennifer Patrick (half-orc fighter Astrid),Trisha Koloski (gnome bard Magpie) and Jessie Swinton (tiefling warlock Marcellus) as they get their hands on more limited edition swag then you'd find at a pirate's convention.
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"In Fistful of Platinum we follow our heroes as they discover their heritage: what was left for them in Waterdeep, what they left behind, and what destiny has in store for them."
- DM Alan Patrick
Fistful of Platinum streams Saturdays 9AM-1PM PT on the Official D&D Twitch channel, starting December 15th.
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Artwork by Alyssa Menold

Agnus Copper

Played by Lindsey Rode

Name: Agnus Copper
Class: Rogue
Race: Human
Background: Inheritance
Agnus grew up on a farm near Otter's family and was close friends with the goliath. During their childhood the two were the terror of the village with Agnus often leading Otter into trouble and relying on his strength to get them out. After Otter left to become a blacksmith in Waterdeep, Agnus was restless and unhappy, not feeling the same nirvana like joy when shearing sheep as the others in her family. She continued to feel aimless until she made a discovery in her grandmother's bedroom. While cleaning the fireplace she found a secret compartment that contained a journal and thieves tools. The journal pages were written in thieves' cant and penned in her grandmother's hand. Agnus felt the items were a gift and a message sent by a women who had mysteriously disappeared decades ago. Now she's headed to Waterdeep to find out the truth about her grandmother and maybe find Otter to drag into trouble along the way.
Lindsey Rode is the Director of Marketing at Dog Might Games
Artwork by Alyssa Menold


Played by Jennifer Patrick

Name: Astrid
Class: Fighter
Race: Half Orc
Background: Unknown
Astrid's origin is pretty standard for a half orc, or so she believes. Ostracized as a child, she made a life for herself through grifting, protection, and the love and companionship of her friend and associate, the Cow. She fancies a taste of book every now and again, and fiercely defends those that make their way into her circle of trust. What she lacks in imagination she makes up in "smash".
Artwork by Alyssa Menold


Played by Trisha Kosloski

Name: Magpie
Class: Bard
Race: Gnome
Background: Urchin
Growing up in alleys and on rooftops, Magpie learned that fitting in and being entertaining was her best means of survival. She ran with the same group of rascals for years, putting on Vaudeville shows while the crew lifted the crowd of their valuables. After being run out of yet another town a year back, the band parted ways and Mag set out on her own. Though not afraid of braining an opponent with her mandolin, she would prefer to soothe with song or charm the pants off of them (quite literally),and will do her best to weasel out of a sticky situation. Through fame isn't her cup of tea, fortune would be most welcome.
Artwork by Alyssa Menold

Otter Thrud

Played by Michael Konas

Name: Otter Thrud
Class: Cleric
Race: Goliath
Background: Artisan
Otter Thrud was born on a cold, prison floor to a mother guilty of murder. Raised on his father's small farm with 9 older brothers, Otter discovered his talent for working metal. He worked his way up through the local Blacksmith's Guild until the day he witnessed a high level Cleric of Amaunator cast Spiritual Weapon. That day, Otter left his anvil and never looked back.
Michael Konas is the CBO of Dog Might Games
Artwork by Alyssa Menold


Played by Jessie Swinton

Name: Marcellus
Class: Warlock
Race: Tiefling
Background: Far Traveler
Ever since he was a child Marcellus always set his sights high, regardless of the odds against him. Now, as an adult, he has found his way to the City of Splendor to test his luck and shoot high again...this time aiming for the echelons of Waterdeep nobility. Charismatic, charming, and almost too good with a set of dice, Marcellus intends on using his infernal heritage and his connections to the Unseelie Court to carve a place for himself in high society, one way or another. He has a fondness for drinking, gambling, and romancing, but don't let his festive demeanor fool you, he's always plotting.
Jessie Swinton is the Owner of Ziege Games
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