360 Degree Glory!
Behold, the Spellguard!
Amazing Leather Wrap by Elderwood
Fancy enameled interior by Dog Might (mini not included, but the dice are!)
Supports a phone or small tablet when open

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Limited Edition SPELLGUARD Mashup


This holiday season, Dog Might Games and Elderwood Academy are coming together to bring you a truly special piece of TTRPG gear. Bringing the rich and rugged leathers of Elderwood together with DMG's skillfully sculpted wood, we've created the Spellguard, a beautiful hybrid dice box and rolling tray.
The Spellguard is the perfect synthesis of 15 years of combined experience crafting epic TTRPG gear and blends all of our favorite parts of all of our products into one masterpiece.
At a Glance
  • A riveted construction of foil-pressed onyx Dragonscale leather
  • Inlaid engravings with gold enamel
  • Strong rare-earth magnetic closure to keep your gaming gear safe
  • Integrated rolling space
  • 11 Dice spaces
  • A foam-lined compartment to keep your miniature safe and secure
  • Space for your favorite writing utensils
  • Supports a phone or small tablet
  • Approximately 9 x 5 x 2 inches
  • Lifetime Guarantee for each Spellguard
  • INCLUDED BONUS: A set of 7 malachite gemstone polyhedral dice
  • INCLUDED BONUS: A commemorative inspiration token
Activate your SPELLGUARD!
Embrace the Power of the Elder Dog
Dog Might Games and Elderwood Academy were formed within weeks of each other and we've earned a mutual respect and trust over the years. We've helped each other through the difficulties of running start up companies, watched each other bring new innovative ideas to the gaming world, and learned from each other's skill and craftsmanship.
Both companies couldn't be more proud to be standing together to merge our skills to create the Spellguard.
The Details
This durable piece of gear features foam lined compartments for your miniature, space for 11 dice, and your favorite writing tool. The exterior is emblazoned with a special edition leather fixins'. Each Spellguard includes a Commemorative Inspiration Token and a set of 7 Malachite Gemstone Polyhedral Dice.
The Spellguard measures approximately 9 x 5 x 2" and features an interior depth in all compartments of 1.25 inches and a 3 inch diameter foam compartment for miniatures. Each one is crafted in North American Black Walnut a lifetime of durability. The magnets are 0.25" rare earth neodymium and the inspiration token is 0.125" thick. The Spellguard is coated in two coats of Catalyzed Varnish and comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.
SOLD OUT in 25 minutes!
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