All Hail the Dark Magic!
Inlaid with your choice of Metallic Enamel (Silver, Natural, or Gold).
Includes Raised Obsidian Polyhedral Dice.
Includes an engraved name of your choice.
Includes hand turned Mechanical Pencil!
The Pinnacle of TTRPG hardware.

The Dark Magic Bundle

A Limited Edition Gaboon Ebony Set

The darkest of the dark magics comes to life in this Dice and Pen set crafted in one of the world's rarest woods; Gaboon Ebony.
Each set includes a Hand Turned Mechanical pencil crafted with premium stainless steel hardware, a set of Raised Obsidian Polyhedral Dice, and a matching Limited Edition Slimline Dice Box engraved with your character name and inlaid with your choice of metallic enamel.

Gaboon Ebony

aka Camaroon Ebony, Nigerian Ebony, African Ebony

Gaboon Ebony sets the undisputed standard for true black wood around the globe. Heartwood is usually jet-black, with little to no variation or visible grain. This species is difficult to work due to its extremely high density (it does not float in water!) and is incredibly heavy and durable.
Diospyros crassiflora
Gaboon Ebony is distributed throughout tropical Africa; specifically Equatorial West Africa.
A domestic supplier we have worked with for years happened to have a moderate volume of Gaboon Ebony on hand - due to the rare nature of this species we do not regularly carry it. It is unlikely that we will offer this species in the future and we have limited this item to avoid shortages.
Current lead time for this item is approximately 5-6 weeks. Shipping times vary depending on location. Need something sooner? In Stock Inventory is available immediately and leaves our shop within 2 to 4 business days.
Brian the Bloodmage
The Crafting Process
Years of Experience Creating Functional Art
Dog Might exists to bring the human spirit to life via excellent working conditions, artistic liberty, and a supportive environment. Our craftspeople define who we are and constantly strive toward the betterment of our craft.
Our people have multiple years of woodworking experience, are passionate about role-playing, and are accepting of the inherent differences in humans. Nurturing this environment creates trust and bolsters the creativity that exists in every member of our team.
We have worked diligently over the last ten years to cultivate a vibrant and compassionate culture. This has coalesced into the essential ingredients necessary for the formulation of our amazing gaming gear.
It has been a long road balancing creativity with practicality. We hope you enjoy the result.
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