Original Artwork with Custom Mosaic Finish
Custom Mosaic Finish
Daughter of Redwinter Screen
Original Artwork with Custom Mosaic Finish
Exandria Unlimited Screen
Drawing of 3D Sculpted Original Artwork

Design your Dream Valhalla Screen

Bring your Dream Valhalla Screen to Life

Critical Role
As seen on Critical Role!
When playing games, your most powerful weapon is your imagination. At Dog Might, we specialize in harnessing that imaginative power to bring jaw dropping, unique pieces to your gaming table. Our team of professional artists, sculptors, and experienced craftsman will work bring your masterpiece to life. The best part? You'll be included every step of the way, from finalizing design and wood choice, to choosing a color palette and lining material, making you an honorary member of the Dog Might team!
Have a Live Stream and Need the Perfect Game Piece?
Do you have a TTRPG live stream or show that's taking off? We can help design the perfect pieces for your show's cast and table! We've worked with creators like, Critical Role, Geek and Sundry, LA by Night, and Wizards of the Coast to create the perfect atmosphere for their tables. Our team of experienced designers will work with you to design the perfect collection of accessories for your table, while ensuring your unique needs are met.

Custom Valhalla Screens

Valhalla Screens are our best selling product of all time and it’s not hard to see why. We take a piece of amazing fantasy art designed for us by one of the industry’s top artists, and then we sculpt it across 36 inches (or more!) of beautiful hardwood. Throw in our fully modular accessories and you’ve got a GM Screen that will last you a lifetime of gaming. And if it’s going to last a lifetime why not get something that’s truly unique to you? Our in-house creative team will work with you to get your perfect screen idea professionally drawn, sculpted, and built. Let us help you turn your imagination into a beautiful piece of functioning art!

Other Custom Work

Do you know the perfect gaming accessory for your favorite game but can’t find it anywhere? Let us help you make it a reality! We specialize in making custom tabletop pieces that are designed to fit your exact needs. Our knowledgeable and nerdy design team will make sure that your custom accessory is perfectly designed to fit your favorite game and look great doing it. And with our lifetime guarantee, your accessory will last through all the future editions to come!
"With the Valhalla GM Screen, you get a melding of beauty and functionality. The pictures of the gorgeous design and finishing work on the screen speaks for itself. But importantly, once you get past the wow factor of the Valhalla GM Screen, you'll be impressed by the modular design."
- Paul at Geekdad.com
Note: Due to the nature of creating custom artwork and sculpture this item falls outside of our typical lead times. If you have any questions or want an estimated timeline please reach out to info@dogmight.com to discuss your project.
Hassle free returns, and a lifetime guarantee. We stand behind all of our products. If you are not 100% satisfied we will make things right. Learn more.
SCRY System Enabled!
The SCRY System is a new feature that ensures you see every step of the crafting process completed in real time. Learn more.

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