Component Collector in Bolivian Rosewood.
Component Collector in Bocote.
Component Collector in Sapphire.

PREORDER: The Component Collector

The Original tile system for organizing board game tokens and components

This modular tray system is the perfect solution for organizing tokens, coins, and any other components for every game in your collection.
Launched on Kickstarter in 2017 this was one of the largest projects we have ever undertaken. We are currently fulfilling the Kickstarter. Estimated delivery date for pre-orders placed here is mid 2021.
  • Fully Customizable. 14 Designs to choose from for each tile.
  • Includes Rolling Tray / Carrier. All tiles fit into a carrier that also doubles as a rolling tray.
  • Low profile Magnets. 4 rare earth magnets on each tile.
  • Wood Options. 28 Wood species / finishes to choose from.
  • Professionally Finished. Industrial strength catalyzed lacquer finish.
  • Customizable Lining Options. 12 Lining options to choose from.
The Component Collector features 8 tiles in various designs which can be customized by you for the games you play most often. Use as many or as few as you need for that game and arrange them however you need on your table. Each tile has a magnet on 4 sides which holds it tight against any other tile in the system in any configuration.
Every Component Collector also comes with its own Rolling Tray which holds the tiles for storage and travel and contains magnets on 2 sides so that it works inline with the other tiles.
"I love Dog Might! Their products are beautiful, and customer service is amazing. I have ordered two types of products from them (dice tower, dragon sheath) and both are absolutely beautiful. I can’t wait to get my component collector after seeing their work in person. "
- Joleen S
Important: We are no longer taking pre-orders for Component Collectors at this time.
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