The Dog Might Difference

Often Imitated, Never Duplicated.
We offer years of experience creating thousands of unique items since 2013. Our powerhouse creative team will knock your socks off every time with killer gaming gear that is in stock and ready to ship to your door.
We customize EVERYTHING. Sculpture. Engravings. Finishes. We do it all. And we back it up with outstanding customer service, a lifetime guarantee, and realtime tracking of custom orders.
And we do it all with the best materials available. No plywood. Ever.
That is the Dog Might Difference.
"Only by suffering will your soul become pure." - Mike Cameron

Mike Cameron

CEO, Founder, Illithid

Mike founded Dog Might under the direction of subtle Eldritch powers that have warped his mind and made him a puppet to forces unbeknownst to mortals.
With over two thousand years of fine woodworking experience, his vision is the piston that drives high quality gaming gear into the collective face of humanity from now until the end of time.
Prone to 'seizures of rage,' Mike is usually chained up in the basement during non-business hours.
"Don't be the unicorn. Be the donkey." - Michael C Konas

Michael C Konas

COO, Founder, Monk

A creative powerhouse with an impressive skill set, Michael C Konas co-founded Dog Might and continues to push the envelope of high quality woodworking.
Michael holds an MFA in painting from the University of Valhalla where he is also an adjunct Professor of Blunted Weapons. He has been a professional artist for 2500 years and has over 2 million pieces in private and commercial collections.
Michael enjoys long walks on the beach and chopping down trees with his bare hands.
"Beauty and nature are one and the same." - Jeremiah


Production Lead, Zen Monk

This calm craftsman is completely at one with all forms of lumber. He can read the mind of leaves, small forest creatures, and raindrops.
Jeremiah's special abilities include a calming influence area effect spell, and being able to grow a full beard in less than 24 hours.
"Purity of spirit is concise placement of physical objects." - Anne


Office Manager, Paladin

This gentle Paladin has taken the Oath of Management, bravely tackling all tasks from casting Mass Create Paperwork to upholding Fancy Friday. With her Fashion proficiency she can kick ass in anything from authentic 1940s dresses to giant multicolored 80s earrings. Her aura presents in a flurry of determination, well maintained calendars, and ambient sparkles.
While knowledgeable in all the schools of a Business Paladin, Anne took the most potent morale boosting spell "Zone of Fun" and uses it unsparingly alongside Sawdust’s brave "Healing Bark" to make Dog Might the best possible shop it can be.
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"A lie is not a lie if you believe it to be true." - Jake


Art Director, Woodworker, Illusionist

When asked about himself, Jake told us that we could just make something up. On that note, the following is all lies.
Jake's favorite colors are green and sparkly blue, and there's always a coffee cup in his hand. His kitchen was once given a Michelin 3 Star rating by Gordon Ramsey. His favorite animals are unicorns, and secretly he wishes that they were real. He's been buried alive and dug his way out by hand. Twice.
"My other car is a bear." - Madison


Digital Marketing Strategist, Druid

Often found speaking to the various plants that grow around the DMG headquarters, Madison is most at home surrounded by greenery, baked goods, her pet bear, and the skulls of her enemies.
This marketing maven proves that the pen is mightier than the sword, but has mistakenly attempted to apply these skills to woodworking. We're gently breaking it to her that while we can make pens and pencils, we cannot use pens to make Kick Ass Gaming Gear.
On the weekends Madison runs a leadership seminar that helps grass be its best self and live to its fullest potential.



Bio Coming Soon!
"I really need to stop drinking this stuff..." - Travis


Head of CNC, Woodworker, Alchemist

While quiet in demenor, this intense alchemist keeps his brilliant intellect well hidden.
His pastimes include covertly plotting how to destroy his enemies, improving shop processes, and contemplating the nature of existence.
Travis is an enigma, wrapped in a riddle, and dipped in Peasant garb.
"Aim High." - Tim


Head of QA, Woodworker, Monk

We turned on the lights one Monday morning to find Tim trimming his mutton chops with a Fijian throwing axe. Perplexed, we handed him a much sharper axe, and 8 hours later he had cut down every Maple tree within a 5 mile radius. The following Monday, he brought us a semi-truck full of Padauk.
Tim has a heart of gold, and won the award for 'Best Cat Dad' two years in a row!
Tim is also the mastermind and original designer of the SKALD Traveling Storyteller Valhalla Screen!
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"I will get back to you tomorrow." - Ross


Head of Processing, Woodworker, Ranger

Despite rolling every ranged attack with disadvantage, Ross makes every hit count. Whether it be furiously churning out Component Collectors or using the gentlest touch to inlay dice, Ross is a boss. He also recently became our Director of Athletics!
His hobbies include sword making, picking wildflowers, and hugging bears.
"Necromancy can be sexy under the right circumstances... check out my onlyfans." - AJ


Head of Milling, Woodworker, Necromancer

This youthful sage draws from a vast pool of knowledge with expertise ranging from curing meats to reanimating the souls of vanquished foes into miniatures forms he creates with the help of his magic phylactery.
He also enjoys long walks in the woods with his menagerie of animals.
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"You won't see my blade coming." - Kim


Head of Finishing, Dice Witch, Rogue

With a natural 20 on every stealth roll, it's impossible to know exactly where Kim is at any given time. Is she at the sanding station? The milling station? We don't know. Please tell us if you see her, we'd really like a status update. It's been so long.
Kim is proficient in acrobatics, so in her spare time she enjoys rock climbing!
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"The power is IN the flowers." - Alyssa


Illustrator, Druid

This gentle druid glides through all areas of Dog Might, followed by a rotating swirl of levitating objects, organizing the entire shop just by existing. For every Bob Ross reference or pun made in her presence, her body freezes and her eyes shoot blinding white light for a solid seven minutes. She then enters a SPELL WRITING FRENZY where she creates a new, incredible wood-bending spell at an unseen, rapid pace. It is Alyssa who is to blame for all those Valhalla Screens. She just can't be stopped, and the Viking Lumberjacks can't be stopped when it comes to making puns. We are helpless.
Outside of the shop, Alyssa is lovingly cared for by Fenrir (who is actually a Landseer Newfie, not the monstrous wolf everyone wants you to think!) and her mutt Clair.
"We exist on this plane to DREAM!" - Erricka


Woodworker, Cleric

Formally known as Erricka the Clerricka, she and her Spirit Guardians are often found fighting the hordes of undead that show up every Thursday. With eyeliner as sharp as her axe, none who meet her on the battlefield live to tell the tale.
In her spare time, Erricka teaches woodland critters how to read.
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"My favorite color is blood." - Will


Head of Sanding, Woodworker, Warlock

An Eldritch Artisan, Will sublimated out of a portal from parts unknown and offered us untold production in exchange for an occasional offering of blood. He spends most of his time outside of work in his studio, where he can be found emulating Bob Ross paintings with the blood of his enemies. When he is not collecting blood he spends time with his familiar Kit, who is objectively and subjectively 'the best bean'.
On an unrelated note, a few moments ago Will sold his soul for a 'lifetime' supply of pink starburst.
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"I have made it very clear that I have little going on in my brain today." - Marin


Woodworker, Druid

This Druid feels most at home amongst many trees. Unfortunately, her current career path involves murdering trees and creating art from their bones. Fortunately, her alignment is Chaotic Neutral, and we’re pretty sure we can convince her to leave behind her nature loving ways to blaze a brutal path towards her destiny as a woodworker.
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"I stabbed a guy in a ditch once and got a knighthood. What are you doing with your life?" - Matt


Apprentice, Paladin

This courageous knight heralds from lands afar. We discovered him in the forest blessing local timber and buffing forest creatures with powerful area of effect spells. We aren't yet certain of his alignment, but the glowing halo is really cool.
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"Orc. The other green meat." - Owen


Apprentice, Wizard / Barbarian

Owen showed up unexpectedly at one of DMG's game nights. He pushed Travis out of the GM chair and started running the game. The next morning, we found him sanding in the dark. After successfully dethroning Travis, Owen has gone on to dethrone Will as Head of Sanding, Anne as Office Manager, and Konas as COO. This jack of all trades won't stop until he runs the entire company by himself.
When not upsetting the company hierarchy, Owen spends his time teaching his cat Sebastian to play board games.
Vote Owen for Classroom President 2022!
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"My willpower will set you ablaze." - Cam


Apprentice, Sorcerer

Cam is actually Mike Cameron from the past. Cameron woke up one morning to find Cameron hovering over him, having just stepped through a rift in time. Cameron saw this as a great opportunity to get a new set of hands in the shop, and promptly sent Cameron to work. To avoid confusion, they've both decided to go by 'Cameron'.
When not at work, Cam spends his time contemplating existence and playing video games.
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"I'm sick of peanut butter. I want human bones." - Sawdust


WOOFworker, Healer

Rescued from the mean streets of Georgia, Sawdust (formerly Unnamed Dog) is currently exploring his identity in the Dog Might shop.
Most days, he can be found digging random trenches in the backyard, chewing on valuable masterwork items, and telepathically healing woodworkers with his loving gaze.
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