Classic Vanguard with all the accessories.
Includes Redheart Mechanical Pencil and 10 Metal Dragon Coins
Original Art by Alyssa Menold
Includes Meteor Acrylic Polyhedral Dice
360 Degrees of Glory.

Limited Edition CLASSIC DRAGON Vanguard

Sold Out

Our new Limited Edition Vanguard is an awesome addition for any player, or as a companion to our Classic Dragon GM Screen.
This incredible new design was created by fantasy artist Alyssa Menold and is only available in this limited run of 50.
Featuring beautiful hand applied Mosaic staining, solid Maple construction, and a DMG Mechanical Pencil!

Comprehensive Utility
This durable piece of gear features foam lined compartments for your miniature, dices, and favorite writing tool. Powerful rare-earth magnets ensure the Vanguard closes securely, a thumb notch allows you to open it with ease, and each one comes with a commemorative Inspiration Token to ensure your rolls will all be with Advantage.
Amazing Functionality
The Vanguard measures approximately 9 x 5 x 1.5" and features an interior depth in all compartments of 1.25 inches and a 3 inch diameter foam compartment for miniatures. All wood is hand selected for durability, beauty, and a lifetime of gaming. The magnets are 0.25" rare earth neodymium and the inspiration token is 0.125" thick. Like everything Dog Might creates, the Vanguard is coated in two coats of Catalyzed Varnish and comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.
  • Hand Finished Mosaic Vanguard.
  • Miniature holding area with two foam inserts.
  • Hand Turned Redheart Mechanical Pencil.
  • Set of 7 Meteor Polyhedral Dice.
  • 10 Metal Dragon Coins.
  • Commemorative Inspiration Token.
  • Pencil Kit with 12 additional leads, 3 eraser tips, and 1 block eraser.
  • DMG Lifetime Guarantee.

Individual Components

Love the pieces but don't want the entire package? Snag the individual components below.

Redheart Mechanical Pencil

A New DMG Offering

Featuring the highest quality Stainless Steel mechanical components this Dog Might mechanical pencil is a joy to wield.
Crafted from hand turned Redheart this pencil utilized 0.7mm lead and has an eraser in the end cap.
Comes with a 12 Pack of 0.7mm replacement leads and a 3 pack of eraser tips.

Meteor Dice

Sharp Acrylic Polyhedrals

These epic Meteor Dice are hot as fire. Oversize sharp acrylics are guaranteed to turn heads and heat up your rolls.

Metal Dragon Coins

Extra GP for your adventures

25 Additional Metal Dragon Coins to fuel your GP hoarding.

Mechanical Pencil Kit

Everything you need to keep rolling

Make your mechanical pencil immortal. Kit includes: 12 Pack of 0.7mm replacement leads, 3 pack of eraser tips, and 1 XL block eraser.
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