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Apprentice Woodworkers

No Experience Required

A successful Apprentice Woodworker requires a good attitude, work ethic, and is responsive and curious.
Team Leads will mentor the Apprentice Woodworker and provide opportunity to learn the production workflow in the shop. An important part of being an Apprentice is the willingness to learn new things and attention to detail.
Shop Basics
Safety - training and awareness in the shop
Mentorship - shadow with your Team Lead as a first point of contact.
Attendance - daily meetings are at 8am to distribute shop assignments
Culture - Work hard, play hard, Kick Ass.
Essential Skills
Sanding - tools, hand sanding, sanding grits, files
Finishing - stain colors, spray gun, tint color, application techniques, maintenance
Wood Knowledge - learn about various domestic and exotic wood species and their characteristics.
Secondary skills
Milling - choosing stock, dressing lumber, planing and jointing materials
Assembly - building product, drilling, mounting hardware, techniques for assembly
Expectation and Advancement
The Apprentice should focus on mastering the Shop Basics, Essential, and Secondary skills to become a valuable member of the workshop and seek advancement.
This is a full time position with a mandatory probation period. Serious applicants only.
How to Apply
Email a resume along with a cover letter or character sheet to
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