Apprentice Woodworkers

Hiring for 1 Position

Dog Might Games is looking for new Woodworkers to help expand our growing team. We are seeking dedicated team members that are interested in a long term commitment. General laborers with the right attitude are welcome.

Job Description

A successful Apprentice Woodworker requires a good attitude and work ethic, but does not require experience. The position is within a small group that reports to a Team Lead. We will provide all training and opportunities to learn the production workflow in the shop and expand your woodworking skills. An important part of being an Apprentice is the willingness to learn new things and attention to detail. Experience is not necessary.


  • Sanding - tools, hand sanding, sanding grits, files
  • Finishing - stain colors, spraying lacquer, tint color, application techniques
  • Milling - choosing stock, dressing lumber, planing and jointing materials
  • CNC operation - running, cleaning and maintaining machines
  • Assembly - building product, drilling, mounting hardware, techniques for assembly
  • Other duties as assigned. Moderate lifting and upper body strength necessary.


  • Three weeks of PTO per year
  • Monthy 'Maker-Days' with access to shop
  • Product and material at cost
  • Weekly Team Building

Hours / Pay

  • Full time, 40 hrs / week
  • Work Hours are Tuesday through Friday 7am-5pm.
  • Pay Rate is commiserate with experience

How to Apply

Email a resume along with a cover letter to
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