Caring for Wood

With only a few preventative measures wooden items will provide years of service and beauty. Keep these tip in mind when using and storing your items:

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Long term exposure to direct sunlight causes wood to discolor and protective finishes to breakdown. A little sun now and again is no biggie, but do not store wooden items in direct sunlight long term.

Keep Humidity Consistent

Wood will naturally move and flex due to changes in humidity and temperature. To avoid this, store your items indoors at ambient room temperature. In tropical or naturally humid locations, exposure to outdoor conditions may cause 'flexing' or 'cupping'. If this happens return the item to a humidity controlled environment for 24 hours and it should return to normal. Avoid storing wooden items near heating ducts and vents.

Anticipate Aging

Wood will naturally age regardless of treatment and location. This varies between species and usually causes slight changes in color - many species tend to 'mellow' in color over time. This is perfectly natural and a part of the wooden item maturing.

Cleaning Wooden Items

Damp cloth for the win

The are a variety of wood cleaning products available, but considering the custom finish on all of our products we generally recommend a soft, damp cloth. The interior and felted areas of our products are easily cleaned with a vaccuum, compressed air, or a very deep breath expelled quickly.
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