Barb and the Phoenix

We open gifts from Barb and talk about prototyping for our next Kickstarter project.

Crafting Gear for the Stranger Things Cast!

DMG + Stranger Things = Epic Win

Once again, we've teamed up with Lost Odyssey to bring you our most exciting collaboration ever! For their D&D one shot special, the cast of Stranger Things needed to be fully equipped with some custom gaming gear as cool as they were.

Decorating Tips

with Dog Might

The joy of the holidays is upon us and nothing celebrates the warmth and spirit of the season more than a perfectly decorated home. The team at Dog Might has developed these festive tips for decking out your house with the magic and wonder of the holidays!

Crafting Joe Manganiello's Tiamat Screen!

The Latest Incarnation of Tiamat

The DMG team was recently contacted by a band of adventurers called the Fire Watch Knights. They asked us to create something worthy of their legendary DM, Joe Manganiello.

The Scry System

See Crafting Results Yourself

The SCRY System is a new feature that allows customers to see their order's progress in real time. When placing on order you will receive an email and link to your SCRY page that will provide details on each step of the process and a behind the scenes look at how we do what we do.
You will also be able to see which craftsperson is working on your item at any given time, and will be alerted if there are any issues or questions along the way.

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Labyrinthos Preorders

Releasing for the 2020 Holiday Season!

Labyrinthos is an innovative speed exploration game inspired by the ancient Greek legend of the Minotaur. Player’s take on the roles of Athenian sacrifices that have been forced into the Labyrinth to feed the monstrous son of Minos. Each player must explore the maze to uncover its secrets and outsmart the other sacrifices, in order to win the game by being the first to escape to freedom.

Dog Might Games

Kick Ass Gaming Gear

We combine craftsmanship and thematic artistry to create truly unique pieces of functional art for your game.
From the Original Component Collector to our fully sculpted Valhalla Screens for GMs, each piece is created on site in our woodshop in Michigan by our devoted team of craftsmen.
"I would say a 10 out of 10 in product and service."
- Craig (read more)
"Dog Might products are high quality and crafted with care: They've always treated my requests with respect, and have demonstrated a passion for all they do. Hats off to the 'lumberjacks' at Dog Might Games!"
- Brian L (read more)
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