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The DMG Mini Painter System

LIVE on Kickstarter!

A miniature painting system with unparalleled flexibility and crafted in a variety of beautiful solid hardwoods.
Choose any number of segments, including integrated shelving, interchangeable tiles, and hand-held pedestal painters. Customize the ideal setup for your painting style, work-flow, and table size.

The Art of the Shop

Episode 4

I'm PRETTY SURE that's what Poe's ravens said...

Unleashed: The Rebarkening

Episode 3 - More Mini Mayhem

Choo Choo!!!!

The DMG Quartermaster

Now Available!

A utility driven side table for GMs, Miniature Painters, and ttRPG Enthusiasts.
This rolling Tabouret offers a convenient solution for additional storage and space at your game table. Have your rulebooks and supplies at the ready every game night with this gorgeous piece of furniture for your home.

$200 OFF - FURY GM Screen Bundle

An Amazing Screen at an Amazing Price!

To celebrate our Summer GM Screen Event, Dog Might is releasing a special edition FURY GM Screen.

New Screen Accessory: SCONCES!

Let there be Light

The hottest new GM Screen accessory to light up your campaign.

New GM Screen for EXU: Calamity!

Season Two is Complete

We were so excited to create Brennan's DM screen for Exandria Unlimited: Calamity! It's always a pleasure and honor to work with Critical Role.

Mosaic Dragon Sheaths are Here!

Your artwork and color placement

Use our Visualizer to select and color your artwork or snag an existing on from our In Stock inventory.

New Backpacks in Stock

XL Combo Gaming Tote and Backpack

Store your epic gaming gear in an equally epic XL gaming pack. This beast has ample room to hold any of our Valhalla Screens (including the larger Skald and Infinity styles),a load of rulebooks, and screen accessories.

DMG Screen on The Hellfire Club!

A Stranger Things Dungeons & Dragons Adventure

Stranger Things cast reunite for a new Dungeons & Dragons one-shot adventure featuring ST4's The Hellfire Club themselves: Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo, Priah Ferguson and Joseph Quinn. Hosted by dungeon master B. Dave Walters, get ready to watch Hawkins' – or Hawk's End's – best adventures explore the Upside Down and face off against D&D big bad Vecna.

New Math Rocks!

Fresh Dice Now In Stock

Browse a variety of high quality polyhederal dice backed by a lifetime guarantee.

IGN & D&D Present Lost Odyssey:
Featuring DMG's Iron Legacy Collection
IGN and Dungeons & Dragons present Lost Odyssey: Promised Gold. Watch a star-studded cast including Jack Black, Michelle Rodriguez, Janina Gavankar, Gaten Matarazzo, Melissa Villasenor, and Reggie Watts play through a new adventure from Dungeon Master Deborah Ann Wall to raise money for Extra Life!

GM Screen of Exploration
A DMG Collab with WASD20
Dog Might Games has collaborated with our friend Nate at WASD20 to bring you an amazing exploration themed map design for your next campaign, DESIGNED BY NATE HIMSELF!

Crafting the Exandria Unlimited GM Screen!
Dog Might + Crit Role FTW
You know that feeling where something so amazing happens that you wonder if you're dreaming?
Crafting Gear for the Stranger Things Cast!
DMG + Stranger Things = Epic Win
Once again, we've teamed up with Lost Odyssey to bring you our most exciting collaboration ever! For their D&D one shot special, the cast of Stranger Things needed to be fully equipped with some custom gaming gear as cool as they were.

Crafting Joe Manganiello's Tiamat Screen!
The Latest Incarnation of Tiamat
The DMG team was recently contacted by a band of adventurers called the Fire Watch Knights. They asked us to create something worthy of their legendary DM, Joe Manganiello.
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