d20 Fidget Spinner

Funded on Kickstarter!

Roll your next d20 with pure fidget energy - choose from 20 wood options, 25+ unique designs, and 16 dials to build your ideal spinner.

The Vanguard

The Perfect Vault for RPG Players

Organize your gaming gear in this fully customizable hardwood case. This durable piece of gear features foam lined compartments for your miniature, an 11 piece dice set, and your favorite writing tool. Powerful rare-earth magnets ensure the Vanguard closes securely, a thumb notch allows you to open it with ease, and each one comes with a Dog Might Inspiration Token to ensure your rolls will all be with Advantage.


D20 Fidget Spinners?!?

Cameron answers your questions about the hot new D20 Spinny Bois!

Dice Towers ARE BACK!

The Traveller Dice Tower 2.0

The Traveller 2.0 is a revised design based off of our first dice towers, and has improved features and functionality.
This three piece break apart dice tower features your choice of engravings on front and back, optional prismatic inlay upgrade, and choice of lining.

Lost Odyssey Iron Legacy Collection

Limited Edition - Only 500 Sets Made - Pre-Order Now

Embrace the Gods of metal and rock your rolls with the Lost Odyssey Iron Legacy Dice Collection! Crafted out of Curly Maple and stained in Abyssal Black with hand inlaid metal enamel, this Limited Edition Set will make your eyes and enemies bleed.

NEW DMG Gaming Backpack!

Store your epic gaming gear in an equally epic backpack

This beast has ample room to hold any of our Valhalla Screens (including the larger Skald style),rulebooks, screen accessories, and has enough pockets for even the most prolific of dice hoarders. Comes with 4 pieces of custom cut foam to ensure your prized Screen is safe from any lurking danger.

Crafting the Exandria Unlimited GM Screen!

Dog Might + Crit Role FTW

You know that feeling where something so amazing happens that you wonder if you're dreaming?

The Dog Might Difference

The best gaming company you have never heard of

We offer years of experience creating thousands of unique items since 2013. Our powerhouse creative team will knock your socks off every time with killer gaming gear that is in stock and ready to ship to your door.
We customize EVERYTHING. Sculpture. Engravings. Finishes. We do it all. And we back it up with outstanding customer service, a lifetime guarantee, and realtime tracking of custom orders.
And we do it all with the best materials available. No plywood. Ever.
That is the Dog Might Difference.


Plot Hooks

Mike and Mike talk about prototyping Plot Hooks and how they can hook all of your devices to a screen with the power of gravity and magnets.

The Dog Might Signature Series

Amazing works of functional art

Each item in the Signature Series is created by one of our craftspeople and features a unique take on an existing product or process. Eligible pieces are selected by outstanding aesthetic with WOW as the essential ingredient.

Crafting Gear for the Stranger Things Cast!

DMG + Stranger Things = Epic Win

Once again, we've teamed up with Lost Odyssey to bring you our most exciting collaboration ever! For their D&D one shot special, the cast of Stranger Things needed to be fully equipped with some custom gaming gear as cool as they were.

Crafting Joe Manganiello's Tiamat Screen!

The Latest Incarnation of Tiamat

The DMG team was recently contacted by a band of adventurers called the Fire Watch Knights. They asked us to create something worthy of their legendary DM, Joe Manganiello.

The Scry System

See Crafting Results Yourself

The SCRY System is a new feature that allows customers to see their order's progress in real time. When placing on order you will receive an email and link to your SCRY page that will provide details on each step of the process and a behind the scenes look at how we do what we do.
You will also be able to see which craftsperson is working on your item at any given time, and will be alerted if there are any issues or questions along the way.

Dog Might is on Discord!

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