White Ash with Natural Finish. Features Viking Dragon Sculpt and Blue felt.
Padauk with Natural Finish. Features Hammers Sculpt and Black felt.
Chechen with Natural Finish. Features Eagle Sculpt and Black Felt.
The Skirmish Box
The ultimate mini transport for your next head-to-head battle or campaign encounter
The Skirmish box uses an embedded metal plate that allows your minis with added magnets to stand apart from one another, ensuring safe transport. It also offers a variety of wells to hold cards, tokens, dice, or anything else you need for your game and holds up to 25 minis.
Every one is available in a variety of woods and interior design, just choose the one that works for you. We offer over 20+ exterior designs which are sculpted directly into the hardwood lid.
Measures approximately 11.25 x 5.75 x 4.25 with an interior height of 3" (the bottom is 2" deep and the top is 1" deep). Fits minis up to 3" in height.
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