Project Creators
Offer custom gear on your next Crowdfunding project
We are easy to work with and can offer some great advantages to help support your project:
Branded Product. We can customize any product in our lineup to match your project and logo.
Dropship Fulfillment. We manufacture our products in house and ship directly to your customers anywhere on earth. We have shipped thousands of products worldwide and will handle any customs issues, returns, or additional charges outside of the base shipping costs. Project Creators get 25% off of MSRP with no minimums. We also offer a standing discount of 40% off of MSRP if you order product outright and fulfill yourself.
Price Scaling. Due to the nature of woodworking, we have the unique ability to scale product costs up or down depending on what you want. Need a good solid middle tier? No problem. Having trouble finding a killer high end tier for you project? Let us create it for you.
Free Prototyping. We offer free prototyping for our partners - you will have your custom product in your hand before you launch the campaign.
Guaranteed Shipping Rates. We offer guaranteed shipping rates for all of our items. You will know the shipping cost per backer up front. No surprises.
Product Guarantee. We offer a 100% 'no questions asked' guarantee on all of our products. We will deal directly with your backers to resolve any issues.
Exclusivity. Your item will be exclusive to your campaign - we will provide a suggested MSRP, but you are free to set the price, and bundle it with your other products.
Some of the Creators and companies we have worked with