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Gift Guide
Help choosing the perfect Gamer Gift this year!
Looking for a holiday gift for the gamer in your life but you wouldn’t know a meeple from a D20? We can help!
What Games do they play?
First off, what games does this gamer play? If they play Role Playing games like Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder you will want to check out our Dragon Sheaths and Dice Chests. These are personal carriers for Dice and Miniatures for players. If they are the Dungeon Master (or Game Master) for their group, and Adventure Case is the way you want to go.
Board Games
If they play Board Games, check out our Dragon Trays, custom sculpted rolling trays for dice for any game.
Card Games
If they are into card games like Magic or The Game of Thrones card game, one of our Sculpted Deck Boxes would be a perfect fit.
If they play Magic the Gathering, be sure to pick out a Deck Box with the Counters included right on the Box.
Do they paint miniatures? If so, be sure to look over our Skirmish Boxes, a killer way to transport and protect precious minis.
Some common miniature games include Star Wars X-Wing, Guild Ball, and Arena Rex. If your gamer plays any of these, a Skirmish Box is perfect for them.
Dice Collection
Do they have a HUGE dice collection? Any gamer will tell you that dice are vital. If your gamer has a bucket full of them, check out our Dice Chests, they hold 96 dice. If they have only a few sets of dice that they use regularly, get a Dragon Sheath with interior L.
What themes do they like? Does your gamer have posters of Dragons everywhere? Or maybe a tentacled beast named Cthulhu? All Dog Might products are highly customizable, ensuring that every gamer can immerse themselves in their favorite theme. Be sure to pick out a sculpt or symbol for your order that complements your gamer’s favorite one.
Get More Help
If you have any questions about ordering the perfect gift for the gamer in your life, we would love to help - contact us and tell us a little bit about their interests. I am sure we can help you find the right fit.
Gift Cards
Can't decide? You can always grab a Gift Card. They never expire and ship in 3-4 days!