Benge with Natural finish, Yggdrasil design, Yggdrasil engraving and Green felt.
Flame Birch with Crimson finish and Arcane design.
Dice Tower inline with Component Collector.
Remastered Dice Tower
Late Pledges Now Available!
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As seen on our Dice Tower Kickstarter!
With over two years of design tweaks, we are super pumped to finally bring our Remastered Traveler Dice Tower to Kickstarter! Like all Dog Might products, the Traveler Dice Tower was born from prototyping, community feedback, and the marriage of design and utility.
This three piece break apart dice tower features a fully sculpted back and laser engraved front. It features rare earth magnets to keep it securely closed for travel and stability. Designed to roll a handful of dice at a time and break down easily to store and carry up to 20 dice.

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